A 27-year-old man suffered an electrical shock while he was working at a construction site in the Del Rey area Monday, August 18th, fire officials said.

The man was working on scaffolding about 40 feet above the ground at 5075 S. Slauson Ave., south of Braddock Drive, at 10:34 a.m., when he came into contact with high voltage wires, said d’Lisa Davies, a Los Angeles Fire Department spokeswoman.

The worker was alone on the scaffolding when he suffered an electrical shock, Davies said. No other injuries were reported.

Firefighters were called to the scene and the Department of Water and Power cut power to the lines while firefighters came to the worker’s aid. Firefighters used a large litter basket to lower the man to the ground for evaluation. The man was initially “disoriented,” but he was in stable condition by the time he arrived at the hospital, Davies said. He had suffered minor burns to one hand, she said.

The incident, which lasted approximately an hour and a half, was under investigation.