A man wanted for evading more than $427,000 in child support payments was arrested at an apartment in Marina del Rey Monday, March 24th, Los Angeles County officials said.

Abdoul R. Sesay was the second member of the Los Angeles County Ten Most Wanted List of child support evaders to be taken into custody, one week after the list was unveiled at a press conference, county officials said. He was arrested without incident.

The county’s Ten Most Wanted List for child support evaders was launched by Supervisor Don Knabe, District Attorney Steve Cooley and Child Support Services Department director Steven J. Golightly.

Sesay allegedly owes the largest amount of unpaid child support of any member of the Most Wanted List, more than $427,000, said David Sommers, spokesman for Knabe. The suspect has been wanted for nearly three years, as the original warrant for his arrest was issued May 2nd, 2005.

Sesay pled no contest to a contempt of court charge in October 2004 for failing to comply with the terms of a New York child support order, which had been registered for enforcement in Los Angeles County, Sommers said.

Following Sesay’s plea, the matter was continued for sentencing to January 2005, when the court granted Sesay post-plea diversion for 24 months on the condition that he pay his monthly support obligation of $1,800 and pay an additional $1,695 per month to liquidate the arrears of unpaid support under the New York order, Sommers said.

Sesay faces sentencing on his previous plea of no contest because his diversion has been terminated, Sommers said.

Bail for Sesay was set at $200,000.