The Mar Vista Community Council has provided community feedback regarding the draft Environmental Impact Report (d-EIR) process for future uses of the Santa Monica College (SMC) Bundy Campus, 3171 Bundy Drive, Mar Vista.

Mar Vista Community Council members recommended that the draft EIR should address the potential for temporary events at the campus, such as a food, film or art festival.

The EIR should address the impact of the potential loss of other SMC satellite facilities on the Bundy Campus enrollment, council members recommended.

Another council recommendation is that the EIR should address the potential impact of alternatives to college plans, in- cluding potential development of single-family housing.

Don Girard, executive assistant to SMC interim president Tom Donner, said college officials are seeking community input for issues that should be addressed in the Bundy Campus draft EIR.

The deadline for submission of written comments on the draft EIR for future campus uses was Tuesday, October 25th.

“The comments are to help us understand what is to be studied in the draft EIR,” Girard said.

College officials mailed more than 50,000 notices for comments to be submitted for the draft EIR and received only 35 responses, including the Mar Vista Community Council, he said.

Mar Vista Community Council members held a special meeting Friday, October 21st, to address feedback for the Bundy Campus draft EIR process.

“We wanted to make the comments official and stamped for approval,” Mar Vista Community Council chair Tom Ponton said.

The council also met to propose what it considers “mandatory requirements” for the proposed SMC Bundy Campus Master Plan, Ponton said.

Mar Vista Community Council members voted to adopt two documents supported by the council Ad Hoc SMC Bundy Campus Committee, which include recommendations for the draft EIR and ten “mandatory requirements” for the Bundy Campus Master Plan.

In a letter addressed to Donner, Ponton wrote that the Mar Vista Community Council has “met on numerous recent occasions to discuss the expansion plans of the SMC satellite Bundy Campus and its impact upon our community.”

The Bundy Campus project has been thoroughly reviewed over the past year by various committees of the Mar Vista Community Council, he said.

The council documents on the Bundy Campus are a result of “many hours of study, deliberation and consensus” by community members, Ponton wrote.

Maritza Przekop, former Mar Vista Community Council member who helped prepare the recommendations, said a main issue for the council is the potential impact to single-family housing.

The City of Los Angeles, the City of Santa Monica and the State College Board should be the lead agencies to certify the EIR, according to the Mar Vista Community Council.

The council recommendations on the draft EIR are a “really good compromise from the community,” Przekop said.

“We’re happy to have the campus in the community but we want it to be safe and not be intrusive to the neighborhood,” Ponton said.

Girard said the various comments received for the draft EIR process will be reviewed by college officials to determine what issues should be studied.

The review period should take about six weeks, he said.

When the draft EIR for future uses of the Bundy Campus is prepared, the draft EIR will be made available for public review and additional comment, he said.