The Mar Vista Community Council — serving as the community’s Neighborhood Council — voted in a special meeting Sunday, July 18th, to file an appeal to the Playa Vista Phase II tract map.

The appeal by the Mar Vista Community Council requests that a finding from the Los Angeles Planning Commission and other city officials involved in finalizing approval for the Playa Vista Phase I and II development contain the statement “that the proposed development project is consistent with the City of Los Angeles General Plan and all constituent plans thereof, most specifically as related to the issues of visual resources, infrastructure, utilities and transportation.”

The council also voted to support other actions and options designed to protect the Mar Vista community from approval of the Playa Vista Phase II development.

The appeal was filed by Mar Vista Community Council chair Tom Ponton with the City of Los Angeles Department of Planning, and the West Los Angeles Area Planning Commission.

Ponton said that while the Playa Vista Phase I and II project plan doesn’t propose land use changes within the Palms-Mar Vista-Del Rey District Plan, “it does propose changes to the Level of Service, greatly increasing the traffic burden on secondary highways, collector and residential roads located within the Palms-Mar Vista-Del Rey District Plan.”

In a separate action, Ponton also filed a separate appeal on behalf of himself and 36 other community members to the Los Angeles City Planning Commission regarding Playa Vista Phases I and II impacts on traffic, police, fire and school services, air pollution, and traffic.

Four other Playa Vista-related motions were also passed unanimously by the Mar Vista Community Council:

n to direct the Mar Vista Community Council Transportation Committee to put together a comprehensive “Neighborhood Traffic Management Plan”;

n to direct the Mar Vista Community Council Urban Planning Committee to begin work on a “Bluff View Mitigation Plan”;

n to direct the Mar Vista Community Council Outreach Committee to start a petition drive in Mar Vista to show broader community support for the Community Council positions;

n to direct the Mar Vista Community Council Executive Committee to expedite communications with the Los Angeles City Council office on these issues.

TRANSPORTATION — “The Playa Vista Phase I and II project plan will degrade the Level of Service within those communities, directly impacting and inconsistent with the goals and objectives of the transportation section of the Palms- Mar Vista-Del Rey District Plan, and therefore an amendment (s) to the Palms-Mar Vista-Del Rey District Plan must be considered,” Ponton said.

The Mar Vista Community Council appeal wants developers of Playa Vista Phase II to address the impact of the loss of view to Mar Vista residents, and to propose mitigation measures to address these adverse impacts.

“We request that, as part of the project’s implementation of the project’s design features, a view corridor is created by allocating a 45-foot maximum building height restriction, with additional setbacks to preserve a natural resource, shade over open space areas and mitigate visual impacts to the Westchester Bluffs,” the appeal states.

“Project approval should require the developer to post a bond, adequate assurance or financial guarantee that service levels will be boosted commensurate with the expected increase in demand for police, fire and high school services for both Playa Vista Phase I and II,” the appeal states.

“The Mar Vista Community cannot afford to subsidize the proposed project through a reduced or compromised service ratio, and should not be placed in a position to do so,” says the appeal.

“Playa Vista Phase II should not be approved until such time as the applicant can clearly demonstrate to the impacted community how its mitigation schemes will achieve the desired goals, or until the burden of traffic mitigation efforts are placed upon the applicant, and not upon the roadway infrastructure of the Mar Vista Community,” the appeal states.

VISUAL RESOURCES — “Graphics depicting proposed grade elevations and proposed maximum building heights in relation to the vertical bluff face are not included in the final environmental impact report for Playa Vista Phase II.

“It is misleading to conclude that large portions of the bluffs would remain visible over the proposed project site, where maximum proposed heights are listed at 112 feet at mean sea level (AMSL) or 20 feet of additional building height than the Spruce Goose Building” the appeal states.

“This figure excludes the additional 30 feet permitted under the plan as part of the proposed project’s special feature.”