The board of directors of the Mar Vista Community Council — which is the official City of Los Angeles Neighborhood Council for the area — voted to “completely oppose” the Playa Vista Phase II development, claiming that concerns of Mar Vista residents have been ignored.

In other action, the Mar Vista board also rescinded any previous board decisions supporting a Taco Bell redevelopment project at Inglewood and Venice Boulevards in Mar Vista.

The actions came during a special meeting of the Mar Vista Community Council board Tuesday, June 29th.

PLAYA VISTA PHASE II — The Mar Vista Community Council voted to send a packet of information to all appropriate city agencies, including all past documents that the Mar Vista board has created or sent out regarding its concerns about Playa Vista.

The Los Angeles City Planning Commission recently found that benefits outweighed detriments of the Phase II project, Mar Vista Community Council Urban Planning Committee chair Maritza Przekop told the group.

But Przekop claimed that none of the alleged advantages of the Playa Vista Phase II development would specifically benefit Mar Vista.

The Mar Vista group believes there are two major Mar Vista neighborhood concerns created by Playa Vista Phase II that have not yet been properly addressed.

The Mar Vista group wants Playa Vista funds to help alleviate what the group sees as additional traffic burdens caused in Mar Vista by the Playa Vista project.

The Mar Vista group also wants Playa Vista to help fund traffic mitigation related to the new City of Los Angeles fire station being built at Inglewood and Venice Bouelvards.

The Mar Vista group also says the Mar Vista neighborhood should be reimbursed for the loss of views of the Westchester Bluffs that will be impacted by the Playa Vista project.

The Mar Vista group wants height restrictions added to preserve views from Mar Vista.

In its statement of opposition, the Mar Vista group said:

“The Mar Vista Community Council opposes the Playa Vista Phase II project as it is currently planned on the basis of the aforementioned issues and insufficiencies, and that it directs all appropriate agencies, not limited to the Los Angeles City Council, Councilwoman Cindy Miscikowski and the West Los Angeles Planning Office to address these issues.”

Mar Vista council member Bill Pope said he told Miscikowski in a letter that he is concerned that the City of Los Angeles has allowed Playa Vista to use collector streets to absorb additional traffic resulting from the Playa Vista project.

“Collector streets should be used only for local traffic and not cross-regional traffic,” said Pope.

The Mar Vista Community Council adopted two items from Pope’s letter to Miscikowski:

n that the city immediately cease allowing developers to use collector streets in neighborhoods other than the neighborhood in which a project is located as planned avenues for absorbing or circulating additional existing and/or future non-resident commuter traffic from the developer’s proposed project and/or other projects; and

n require all yet-to-be vested proposed development projects to either certify that they would not use collector streets in residential neighborhoods to absorb or circulated additional existing, ambient or proposed traffic, or re-model and/or recalculate their traffic distribution plans without use of collector streets in residential neighborhoods other than the one in which their proposed project is located.

The Mar Vista group also wants developers to re-submit their development models and traffic calculations to the City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation for assessment as to whether the proposed traffic can be accommodated on the commuter-intended major and secondary highways.

TACO BELL PROJECT — The Mar Vista Community Council board claims it wants “to set the record straight and clarify misunderstandings that may have arisen from actions taken in the past on the matter of Taco Bell’s plan to replace its outlet at the intersection of Inglewood and Venice Boulevards.”

The board said it is rescinding “all such decisions until the board has a thorough and clear understanding of all issues related to the proposed project.”

The Mar Vista Community council board claims it is retaining its prerogative to withhold passage of support for the Taco Bell project.

The proposed redevelopment of Taco Bell at 12001-12013 Venice Blvd. in Mar Vista would demolish an existing building and replace it with a building twice its size.

Taco Bell representative Coby King has agreed that conditions to the approval, which was granted Wednesday, June 16th, by the West Los Angeles Area Planning Commission include the following:

n Taco Bell will install a spike strip at the alley side entrance to the site;

n Taco Bell agrees not to have poster or other items in windows that decrease window transparency; and

n Taco Bell would coordinate its landscaping with the Mar Vista Community Council to be consistent with other landscaping improvements in the area.