The Walgrove Wildlands project, a community sustainability event, will take place at Walgrove Avenue Elementary School in Mar Vista from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday, April 20 and 21.
Event organizers say they plan to transform approximately 25,000 square feet of the school’s campus into a schoolyard habitat and outdoor learning laboratory.
The school has a certified Monarch Butterfly Waystation, where asphalt and six bungalows occupied by students from a charter school stood last year. The Walgrove Wildlands is the continuation of an effort by community members and Walgrove parents, teachers and students to create sustainable areas on their school’s campus.
Mar Vista, led by the Mar Vista Community Council’s Green Team, has made the community a regional leader in green initiatives at local schools and with homeowners as well.
Walgrove Avenue Elementary School is at 1620 Walgrove Ave., Mar Vista.
Participants are required to register in order to participate in the event at: