The Marina del Rey Anglers want fishermen who catch white sea bass in fishing tournaments to participate in a “head recovery” program designed to monitor the number of white sea bass.

The Marina Anglers are active in a fish hatchery project at Burton Chace Park in the Marina that raises fingerlings to full-sized fish, which are then released into the ocean.

Last year, the Anglers established two $500 awards to encourage fishermen to help data collection for the Ocean Resources Enhancement and Hatchery Program.

Under the program, each angler who turns in a white sea bass head and fills out a “catch report” on the fish is entered into a computer list that is used in drawings in December and June to determine winners of two $500 Angler “bounty” awards.

Hatchery-raised fish that are released by the 14 facilities participating in the Ocean Resources Enhancement and Hatchery Program are tagged to help the program monitor the fish.

Angler officials say the collection of the fish heads is one of the ways to validate the effectiveness and success of the Ocean Resources Enhancement and Hatchery Program.

More than a million fish have been released by the program and officials say it is not unusual to see trophy fish of more than 35 pounds caught in tournaments.

Information, Marina Anglers White Sea Bass program, (310) 821-7262, or