In announcing the sale of its Centinela Hospital Campus to Prime Healthcare Services, Inc., Centinela Freeman HealthSystem Holdings Inc. reported that the ownership of the company’s Marina Campus remains unchanged.

Centinela Freeman HealthSystem officials said that in an effort to stabilize the company’s health system and better meet the needs of the community for the long term, the company sold its Centinela Hospital Campus Thursday, November 1st, for an undisclosed sum.

The company has operated the Centinela Hospital since November 2004, when it acquired Centinela, and Daniel Freeman Memorial, both located in Inglewood, and the Marina Hospital, located in the Marina del Rey area, from Tenet.

Centinela Freeman HealthSystem officials said they initiated a significant restructuring process over the past three years to streamline operations and improve the financial health of their hospitals. However, the two Inglewood hospitals have struggled financially, officials noted.

Following the sale, Centinela Freeman officials reported that the Marina Campus, at 4650 Lincoln Blvd. in the Marina area, is “financially sound and operating efficiently.” Marina hospital operations remain stable with its current operations and leadership, officials said.

“We have plans to continue to grow services at the Marina hospital, including expansion of our new Marina Spine Center,” said Fred Hunter newly appointed CEO of the Marina Campus. “In the past year, the Marina campus has established the Center for Surgical Weight Control in addition to the new Spine Center.

“The ER [emergency room] was updated last year and we have refurbished a wing of the hospital, creating private, well appointed patient rooms. Refurbishment of additional patient care areas will continue in 2008.”

Hunter added, “We have just submitted plans to the state to begin the build-out of two new state-of-the-art operating suites. We are lucky to work with such talented physicians and nurses at Marina.

“The hospital plans to bring more specialized healthcare services to the residents of the Marina and its surrounding communities over the next year.”

Centinela Freeman officials say they plan to invest $10 million in capital upgrades to the Marina hospital and remain committed to providing high quality healthcare to Marina del Rey and the surrounding communities.

Prime Healthcare owns and operates eight hospitals in California and plans to continue to operate full services at the Centinela Campus.