SCYA INSTALLATION — The upstairs dining room at Del Rey Yacht club seated 165 guests, who arrived from yacht clubs between Santa Barbara and San Diego to share in the Southern California Yachting Association (SCYA) installation and awards festivities Saturday, January 15th.

Opening formalities were handled by 2004 commodore Jerry Montgomery; introduction of guests was by SCYA staff commodores.

Prior to dinner service, the presentation of the Clubs of the Year awards took place and commodore Peter Glick and Lynne, with vice commodore Harlan Holmes and Marlyn Davis, were present, to accept the Regular Member Club Award on behalf of Santa Monica Windjammers Yacht Club.

Following dinner, the recognition of 2004 officers and committee chairs took place with the appropriate thank-yous and congratulations.

SMWYC, ASMBYC and SCYA staff commodore Barry Labow took the podium to install the officers and directors of Southern California Yachting Association (SCYA) for the 2005 Yachting Season.

The new officers are commodore, Tom Kennedy, staff commodore, SMWYC; vice commodore, Mary Bacon, staff commodore, BCYC; rear commodore, Jerry Lounsbury, staff commodore, South Coast Corinthian Yacht Club; secretary Kathy Smith, KHYC; and junior staff commodore, Jerry Montgomery, staff commodore, Alamitos Bay Yacht Club (ABYC).

The Honor and Achievement Awards Ceremony took place, recognizing outstanding achievements in many areas.

The Peggy Slater Memorial Trophy, honoring our own local deceased friend, was presented to Pease Glaser, ABYC .

Santa Monica Windjammers Yacht Club fleet captain David Lumian was presented the U.S. Sailing — Arthur B. Hanson Life Saving Medal.

The evening was adjourned following comments from Commodore Kennedy, who has previously served the yachting community as commodore of Santa Monica Windjammers Yacht Club in 1988 and the Association of Santa Monica Bay Yacht Clubs in 1995.

PCYA INSTALLATION — On Friday, January 14th, the Pacific Coast Yachting Association (PCYA) — a 12 member West Coast Yachting Association — held its annual Installation of the Bridge at Del Rey Yacht Club in Marina del Rey.

Member associations of PCYA are located in four major areas between Vancouver and San Diego.

Here are the 2005 officers: Bridge: commodore, Paul Artof, representing the Los Angeles area; vice commodore, Linda Newland, representing the greater San Francisco Area; rear commodore, Jerry Downer, representing the Pacific Northwest Area (from Seattle to Canada); secretary/treasurer, Jerry Lounsbury, representing the San Diego Area; and junior staff commodore, Jerry Wellnitz, representing the San Diego Area.

Appointed Officers include yacht club advocate, staff commodore Jerry Martin, from Redondo Beach.

PCYA began in 1923 and officers rotate throughout the West Coast each year. The purpose of the Pacific Coast Yachting Association is to promote yachting in all of its phases on the Pacific Coast of North America.

The 82-year-old Association works to advise and assist its 12 member organizations in the promotion of organized yachting; conduct championship events for both predicted log and sailboat racing; sponsors an area-wide conference of yachting-related organizations; recognizes excellence with two major service awards, including one specifically for youth sailing programs; and represents the combined mutual interest(s) of the membership when called upon, including issues related to regional environmental concerns and the US Sailing organization.

Commodore Paul Artof is from Del Rey Yacht Club and was commodore of Westlake Yacht Club in 1995 and the Association of Santa Monica Bay Yacht Clubs (ASMBYC) in 1990.