Coco Puff, a 50-foot sail boat represented by the Women’s Sailing Association, with the theme “Having a Ball at ‘Mask-Er-Ade,’” was named the Best Overall winner at the 49th Annual Marina del Rey Holiday Boat Parade Dec. 10.

The theme of this year’s parade was “Christmas Carnivale.”

The Best Overall champion took home the 2011 Sweepstakes Award, which includes a trip to New Orleans in keeping with the parade theme.

The Best Sail category was won by the Pacific Mariners Yacht Club’s Cloe Rose, a 34-foot sail boat owned by Michael Elia.

Abacus, a 48-foot power boat represented by Marina Del Rey Hospital and owned by James Richards, was chosen as the winner in the Best Power category with the theme “Celebrate Health.”

The other category winners and their owners/captains at the 2011 Marina del Rey Holiday Boat Parade included:

Charter — Cloud 9, 35-foot power boat, Marina del Rey Parasailing;

Yacht Club — Kallista, 47-foot sail boat, owner Jonathan Grell, represented by Marina Venice Yacht Club;

Organization — Insolent Minx, 44-foot sail boat, Richard Maire;

Individual — Sea Moan, 32-foot sail boat, Karl Dahlin;

Theme — Owen Churchill, 35-foot power boat, California Yacht Club;

Music — Splendor II, 62-foot power boat, Chris and Sherry McDougall;

Lights — Valhalla, 32-foot power boat, Greg and Laverne Potter;

Animation — Moondoggie, 47-foot power boat, Chuck Brasker/Rob Jarmon;

Spirit — No name boat, 26-foot power boat; Heinrich Keifer; and

Live Band — Silver Eagle, 42-foot sail boat, Capt. Alex G. Balian, represented by Paradise Bound Charters