Marina Del Rey Hospital has announced its acquisition of Brainlab’s Curve image-guided surgery platform and 3D C-Arm navigation software. The hospital, which is also equipped with Brainlab’s NaviVision 3D navigation system, anticipated having the new technology installed and operational by Oct. 1.
The 3D C-Arm navigation assists surgeons during spine and trauma procedures by providing real-time navigation of intra-operative 3D datasets which doctors say are also ideal for less-invasive and complex surgery. The surgeon’s use of the software results in more accurate screw placement, which helps reduce reoperation rates and post-surgical fractures, and the device also reduces radiation exposure to the patient and surgical team, a hospital spokesman said.
“We want to remain at the forefront of providing our patients clinically proven, cutting-edge surgical care and we believe that Brainlab’s technology enables us to do that,” Marina Del Rey Hospital President and CEO Fred Hunter said.
The Curve image-guided surgery platform enhances conventional navigation by providing orthopaedic surgeons improved ergonomics and a multi-directional 26-inch touch terminal, the hospital spokesman said.
A mobile wireless networking feature streams and records to linked workstations.
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