A lack of funding may delay until 2015 proposed construction on the Marina Freeway (State Route 90) connector road project.

A new public scoping meeting is scheduled from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday, May 9th, to consider the Admiralty Way and Via Marina Intersection Realignment Project as a stand-alone project.

The Small Craft Harbor Commission was given this information Wednesday, April 12th, by Barry Kurtz, consultant to Los Angeles County Department of Beaches and Harbors and lead coordinator for the Route 90 project for the Department of Public Works.

A Notice of Preparation (required by the state) was scheduled to be reissued the week of April 17th by EDAW — the consulting firm providing the environmental impact report/statement oversight for the proposed Route 90 project.

The original Notice of Preparation and subsequent two public scoping meetings held at Burton Chace Park in March dealt with the entire proposed improvement project for Route 90.

The Admiralty Way/Via Marina Improvement Project proposes reconfiguring the existing “T” intersection of Admiralty Way and Via Marina to include three left-turn lanes from Admiralty Way to Via Marina.

This would create a continuous loop around Marina del Rey, providing periphery access around the Marina, but would require the relocation of the monument near the existing intersection.

Kurtz said federal funding is being sought to supplement developer funds that are currently paid to the county on a per- trip fee basis, and he has asked the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works to initiate a request for higher developer fees to help fund the entire Marina project.

Kurtz said Marina del Rey area projects have been divided into three categories by the Department of Public Works — completed, under construction and proposed.

COMPLETED TRAFFIC IMPROVEMENTS — Some projects tied into the Route 90 extension and Admiralty Way widen- ing within the Marina have already been completed:

1. An automated traffic surveillance and control system has been installed at all of the signalized intersections along Admiralty Way and along Via Marina.

2. At the Admiralty Way South Bay Bike Trail crossing, the County Department of Public Works installed a marked pedestrian crosswalk with pedestrian signals to the South Bay Bike Trail crossing of Admiralty Way to improve pedestrian access between Admiralty Way and the Lloyd W. Taber Marina del Rey Library.

3. At the intersection of Admiralty and Mindanao Ways, Public Works engineers installed a marked crosswalk with pedestrian signals to the south leg of Admiralty Way to allow pedestrians to cross all four legs of the intersection, and added a left-turn arrow for northbound traffic turning westbound into Mindanao Way.

4. Admiralty Way sidewalk improvements and increased left-turn access on Admiralty Way for the Waterside Marina Shopping Center have been completed.

5. On Via Marina, Public Works engineers installed new speed and curve warning signs on Via Marina, and will extend the existing raised center median from 216 feet to 325 feet south of Old Harbor Lane.

6. On Fiji Way, an engineering and traffic survey has been conducted as requested by the West Los Angeles California Highway Patrol. The current speed limit remains the same, and a radar enforcement sign has been installed on Fiji Way.

7. The water shuttle in the Marina operates during the summer.

8. In the Lincoln Boulevard/ Culver Boulevard interchange improvement, the southeast ramp was modified to allow northbound traffic from Lincoln Boulevard to access Culver Boulevard.

9. Bluff Creek Road (Teal Street) from Lincoln Boulevard to Centinela Avenue was constructed by Playa Vista, with the connection at Lincoln Boulevard expected to be completed this year.

10. In the Lincoln Boulevard transit system, Santa Monica Big Blue Bus added five buses, a bus priority Santa Monica Big Blue Bus service was started on Lincoln Boulevard, and a Playa Vista Internal Shuttle System was started.

11. Centinela Avenue was widened to two lanes in each direction and left-turn lanes have been completed.

12. Vista del Mar was widened at Culver Boulevard to facilitate left turns from Culver Boulevard to Vista del Mar.

TRAFFIC IMPROVEMENTS UNDER CONSTRUCTION — Projects in the plan now under construction (with construction entity and scheduled completion date shown in parentheses) include:

1. Addition of a separate northbound right-turn lane on Lincoln Boulevard at Mindanao Way (by Playa Vista, this summer).

2. Addition of a third through lane in each direction on Lincoln Boulevard from Bali Way to 83rd Street (by Caltrans, mid-2007);

3. Addition of a fourth northbound lane on Lincoln Boulevard from La Tijera Boulevard to LMU Drive (by Caltrans, 2007);

4. Grade separation at Route 90/Culver Boulevard interchange (by Caltrans, spring 2007; plant establishment will take another year);

5. At the Route 90/Centinela Avenue interchange, widening of Centinela Avenue ramps, modification of signals at the interchange, and construction of sound walls along the north side of the Marina Freeway between Centinela Avenue and Ballona Creek (by Caltrans, winter 2006);

6. Construction of 3.6 miles of high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes northbound and southbound on Interstate 405 (San Diego Freeway), including sound walls for noise mitigation, from the Santa Monica Freeway (Interstate 10) to Route 90 (by Caltrans, fall 2007);

7. Construction of high occupancy vehicle (HOV) lanes northbound and southbound on Interstate 405 from Route 90 to Century Freeway (Interstate 105), including sound walls for noise mitigation (by Caltrans, winter 2006);

8. Construction of the Lincoln Boulevard/Bluff Creek intersection, with signal (by City of Los Angeles, 2006).

PROPOSED TRANSPORTATION IMPROVEMENTS — Transportation improvements proposed or under consideration, (in some cases with proposing entity and target date shown in parentheses):

1. Marina Freeway (Route 90) connector road to Admiralty Way Project — environmental impact report/statement (EIR/EIS) to consider the Route 90 connector road to Admiralty Way at grade;

2. Admiralty Way Improvement Project — EIR/EIS to consider either a five-lane alternative within existing right-of-way or five/six-lane alternative;

3. Admiralty Way/Via Marina Intersection Realignment Project — as part of the Admiralty Way Improvement Project, consider the realignment of Admiralty Way to form a continuous loop road with Via Marina (by Los Angeles County, 2007);

4. Admiralty Way/Palawan Way Intersection Improvements — re-stripe northbound Palawan Way to provide a separate right-turn lane to Admiralty Way and re-stripe southbound on Palawan Way to provide access into a second left-turn lane (by Los Angeles County, 2011);

5. Palawan Way/Washington Boulevard Intersection Improvement — reconstruct Palawan Way at Washington Boulevard to allow full access, and install a traffic signal at the intersection providing dual left-turn lanes instead of the existing right-turn only lane (by Los Angeles County, 2011);

6. Admiralty Way/Mindanao Way Intersection Improvement — add an exclusive northbound right-turn lane (by Los Angeles County, 2011):

7. Lincoln Boulevard/Fiji Way Intersection Improvement — add second left-turn lane on westbound Fiji Way at Lincoln Boulevard (by Los Angeles County, 2011);

8. Fiji Way Gap Closure of the South Bay Bicycle Trail — relocate the bicycle route from an on-road bikeway along Fiji Way to an off-road bikeway south of and adjacent to Fiji Way in the right-of-way previously known as Area A of Playa Vista — west of Lincoln Boulevard and north of Ballona Creek, with the result that the Fiji Way portion of the South Bay Bike Trail would then be an off-road Class I bicycle path similar to most of the South Bay Bike Trail (by Los Angeles County, 2011);

9. Centinela Avenue widening from Ballona Creek to Culver Boulevard — add third northbound lane (part of Playa Vista Part II, 2010);

10. Jefferson Boulevard widening from Beethoven Street to Centinela Avenue — add fourth travel lane eastbound (by Playa Vista II, 2007);

11. Sepulveda Boulevard widening from Playa Vista/Jefferson Boulevard to Green Valley Circle — add a third southbound lane (by Playa Vista, 2007);

12. Route 90/Slauson Avenue Intersection Improvement — add a third left-turn lane from westbound Slauson Avenue to Route 90 (by Playa Vista, 2007, pending City of Culver City approval);

13. Expansion of Playa Vista’s internal shuttle system on a demand-responsive basis to Marina del Rey, The Bridge (Howard Hughes Center), Fox Hills, LMU and Playa del Rey (Playa Vista II, 2010); and

14. An exclusive bus lane along Lincoln Boulevard; recommended by Lincoln Corridor Task Force in March 2004; approved by the City of Santa Monica and under study by the City of Los Angeles.