The California Coastal Commission will consider the Marina del Rey Periodic Review, Local Coastal Program (LCP) amendment and the master waterside coastal development permit (CDP) at its meeting in Oceanside Thursday, Nov. 3, beginning at 8 a.m.

The pipeline projects that will be heard by the Coastal Commission are Parcels 10 and FF (526 dwelling units); Parcel OT (114-unit senior accommodation, 3,500 square feet of retail space and 92 public parking spaces); Parcels 52 and GG (345 dry stack spaces, 30 mast-up spaces, 3,080 square feet of office use, and 3,350 square feet of the county boatwright shop); Parcels 49 and 77 (request to enable three options: Option 1 – 135,000 square feet of visitor-serving commercial space; Option 2 – 116,495 square feet of visitor-serving commercial space and 255 dwelling units; and Option 3 – up to 26,000 square feet of office use).

The two pipeline projects removed from consideration are Parcels 33 and NR – 292 dwelling units, 32,400 square feet of retail space, 323 restaurant seats and 69 public parking spaces; and

Parcel IR – 147 room hotel, with 197 public parking spaces to remain onsite.

The Woodfin Hotel was not considered a pipeline project because the land use category of its parcel does not have to change for the project to be built since it was already zoned for hotels. This project was referred back to the Department of Regional Planning for further review and public input due to design changes.

The master waterside CDP pertains to leasehold anchorages within the Marina that have plans to replace their aging docks within the next several years.

They include Parcel 10 (Neptune /Legacy); Parcel 21 (Holiday Harbor); Parcels 42/43 (Marina del Rey Hotel); Parcel 44 (Pier 44); Parcel 47 (Anchorage 47); Parcel 48 (Boathouse); Parcel 49R (Launch Ramp); Parcel 77 (Dock 77); Parcel 125 (Marina City Club); Parcel BW (proposed public transient docks); and Parcel EE (Burton Chace Park).

The meeting will be held in the Oceanside City Council Chambers, 300 N. Coast Highway, Oceanside.