A boat carrying 13 passengers that ran aground off the coast of Venice was towed in by Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Marina del Rey Station deputies Aug. 23.
No one was injured when the vessel became stranded approximately 300 yards north of the Marina del Rey entrance channel at about 8:40 p.m., a Sheriff’s Department spokesperson said.
Sheriff’s deputies and Baywatch lifeguards were called to the scene, where they saw the vessel grounded in the surf zone, with multiple people on the beach.
Three passengers who remained on the stranded boat were assisted by rescuers.
Passengers told the deputies that they were traveling from the Santa Monica Pier to Marina del Rey, but when the vessel approached the breakwater it apparently got too close to the shoreline and was caught in the surf, the Sheriff’s Department spokesperson said.
Boat operators had attempted to change course but the vessel became grounded on the beach, passengers told deputies.
Sheriff’s units pulled the distressed boat from the beach and towed it to the Marina del Rey Station docks.