There is still a threat of the West Nile Virus in the Marina del Rey area, the County Small Craft Harbor Commission was told by West Vector Control staff Wednesday, November 10th.

Daily monitoring and treatment of certain areas is continuing to be performed, the vector control representative told the commission during the commission’s monthly meeting in the Burton Chace Park Community Building.

Local areas such as the Oxford Flood Control Basin in the Marina, Ballona Creek and the Del Rey Lagoon in Playa del Rey are regularly inspected and treated by West Vector Control staff, the commission was told.

The staff suggested five “D” rules to follow to eradicate breeding areas for mosquitoes:

-drain — drain all standing water that’s collected in various areas by your home;

– dress — wear long-sleeve shirts and long pants when you go outside;

– dawn and dusk— these are the times mosquitoes are most prevalent;

– deny — deny access to your home by tightening screens on windows and doors; and

– Deet (diethyltoluamide) — use a repellant with Deet to protect your skin from mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes can’t spawn in salt water, but fountains, ponds and other freshwater areas are breeding places, the vector control staff said.

If a bird that has died within the past 24 hours is found, the West Nile Virus office of the Vector Control Department should be called at (877) WNV-BIRD [(877) 968-2473] to have the dead bird removed.

Information can be found at

MARINA CRIME DROP — In other action, the Small Craft Harbor Commission heard the Marina del Sheriff’s Station report that there has been a drop in serious Marina crimes.

Participants in a bicycle theft ring have been arrested in a “chop shop” located in Venice, where narcotics were also present.

A Marina jeweler reported two recent robberies.

In the first, several individuals entered the store with sledge hammers, smashed several cases, and took jewelry.

Two days later, the same jeweler reported a “snatch and grab” by someone who entered the jewelry store and assaulted an employee.

A mid-morning robbery at the Bar Harbor apartments, Via Marina and Panay Way, was reported, in which a robber impersonated a police officer.

The robber told the victim he had to check out her car and tried to force her into the trunk.

The victim fought back, screamed and was able to escape.

Sheriff’s Department staff is compiling a composite of the assailant that will be released to the public when completed.

CHALLENGED LAW — Don Klein, president of the Coalition to Save the Marina — an organization suing the county to overturn a section of the county harbor ordinance dealing with nonnavigable boats — asked the commission how many of the 173 boats that were disposed of by the county were cited under the unseaworthy law that Klein’s group is challenging.

Marina resident Hans Etter gave the commission pictures of boats that he alleges were damaged when they were pulled by bulldozers out of the water adjacent to the Playa del Rey beach south of the Marina entrance channel.

Etter alleged that bulldozers used by county officials to drag the boats out of the water showed a disregard for the boats and damage to the boats by the bulldozers.

Etter also alleged that persons aboard boats visiting the Marina were told to leave Marina waters by 8 a.m. the following morning.

Etter said visitors from Michigan had complained that Marina del Rey dock personnel were the most unfriendly the Michigan visitors had ever encountered.

COMMISSIONER STEVENS — Commission vice-chair Carole Stevens was appointed to the Marina del Rey Convention and Visitors Bureau board of directors and commissioner Russ Lesser was appointed as an alternate to the Convention and Visitors Bureau board.

Stevens told County Beaches and Harbors Department personnel that she wants information about County Marina Design Control Board meetings presented to the Small Craft Harbor Commission so that the commission can better understand upcoming projects in the Marina.