Los Angeles County officials have begun the effort to reacquire two parcels in Marina del Rey for a proposed expansion of Burton Chace Park.

The county Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday, December 13th, to allow the County Department of Beaches and Harbors to activate an option to buy back the remaining leases of approximately four acres of county land from the lessee currently leasing the parcels.

The land is part of two separate parcels adjacent to Burton Chace Park, 13650 Mindanao Way, Marina del Rey, and both parcels are being leased by Marina-based Pacific Marina Venture.

County officials plan to end the lease on one of the parcels and terminate the lease on a portion of the other to have the right to reclaim the land and use it for a proposed park expansion, said David Sommers, Supervisor Don Knabe press deputy.

“It’s the firm commitment of [Knabe] and the board that the parcels be picked up for the sole purpose of expanding the park,” Sommers said.

Dusty Crane, Department of Beaches and Harbors spokeswoman, said the department plans to expand the park facilities for public use.

“We’re small on public spaces, so we’re trying to maximize the public use on the space that we have,” Crane said.

The county would buy back the leased land from Pacific Marina Venture for about $6.1 million.

The two parcels are adjacent to the north side of the park and are located across from each other on Mindanao Way.

It is expected to take up to six months for the county to reclaim the land.

The expansion is currently only in the planning stages, but county officials have been considering the idea for about two years, said Roger Moliere, Beaches and Harbors Asset Management and Planning deputy director.

Some proposed expanded features of the park include an improved concert area for summer concerts, more community meeting rooms, an aquatic center for various aquatic programs and a promenade around the park, Crane said.

As part of the buyback, the county will terminate the lease for Parcel 77, currently a parking and dry boat storage area, and terminate the lease for part of Parcel 44, which currently holds two office buildings, Crane said.

The waterside portion of parcel 44, which is expected to return to the county, contains 159 boat slips.

The two parcels were originally leased for 60 years. There are 17 years remaining on the lease for Parcel 44 and 20 years remaining for Parcel 77.

Because the parcels are situated adjacent to the park, they are in a “perfect spot” to expand the park facilities, Moliere said.

The park is in need of more open space because it “is so heavily used” by visitors, he said.

County officials also propose to use the facility currently leased by the Santa Monica Windjammers Yacht Club (SMWYC) on the adjacent Parcel 47 by moving the yacht club to a new location on a portion of Parcel 44, Moliere said.

There has been a demand for more community meeting rooms, but the park currently “has zero facilities available,” Sommers said.

The existing SMWYC facility would become part of the expanded park and be used as a community building, he said.

The plans for park expansion are only in the conceptual stage and county officials will seek public input before any plans are finalized, Sommers said.

“We want to build a park that reflects what the community wants,” Sommers said of the proposed expansion.