This year Liquid TV streamed live on YouTube the entire Marina del Rey Holiday Boat Parade. The live broadcast is hosted by Lisa Osborne and Mickey Czegledy (Laszlo). The first 22 minutes consists of an introduction by Lisa and Mickey with interviews of some of the sponsors. Fireworks start at 22:45. Sound goes dead from 27:10–33:10, but after that it is full-on boat parade with commentary.

A delightful video comparing the small Venice Canals Holiday Boat Parade  to the big  Marina del Rey Holiday Boat Parades, by Martin Kasindorf.

A two-and-a-half-minute video showing highlights of the boat parade by the Anadolu Agency.

A little Spanish commentary on the fireworks & parade by Daniela Gava.

Another view of fireworks by Alan Zimmerman

Holiday Sail LED Project1 by J Bear