The northern entrance to Marina del Rey is almost half filled with silt and sand again.

Sheriff’s officials are putting out buoys, warning boaters of the dangers.

Interestingly, the shoaling almost drops straight down at the channel water edges, leaving some 15 feet of the water for boaters entering and leaving the Marina, members of the Westchester-LAX/Marina del Rey Marina Affairs Committee were told by Marina del Rey Sheriff’s Station officers last week.

Look for more talk about a dredging project at the site down the road. A figure of $12 million for such a project is being tossed about.

CAROLE STEVENS RESIGNS — County Small Craft Harbor Commissioner Carole Stevens resigned last week from the commission, officially leaving only two members on the five-member commission.

Stevens had been recuperating in a Culver City hospital until last week when she was released and taken by family members to the East Coast, to be nearer her family.

Her medical condition had deteriorated to a point where “she couldn’t be alone anymore” in her Marina apartment, we were told.

We will miss Carole. As a longtime Marina resident, she was an active participant in the Marina lifestyle, taking part in a long string of community activities.

As we were reminded last week, “You couldn’t go to a community event without running into Carole.” She especially enjoyed the outdoor summer concerts in Burton Chace Park.

She had been appointed to several commissions and boards and was quite active in groups that worked to preserve the Santa Monica Mountains.

Some of her ideas were a bit off the wall — such as her suggestion years ago that the county could save money if we would all bring our personal lawn mowers to Burton Chace Park and mow the lawns there.

But, as many told us, she had a heart of gold and even her zaniest concepts were offered with the best of the Marina in mind.

We wish her well in her remaining years. She can be blessed with the comfort that she made a tremendous contribution to her community.

Stevens served on three commissioners and organizations associated with the Marina.

In July 1991, Stevens was appointed to the Small Craft Harbor Commission by Supervisor Gloria Molina.

In January 1992, Stevens was named to the County Beach Commission.

And in November 2001 she became a board member of the Marina del Rey Convention and Visitors Board.

The commission positions appointed by Supervisors Molina, Mike Antonovich and Zev Yaroslavsky are now vacant.

Technically, the commission can’t make official recommendations without a quorum — three members present. Both the January and February commission meetings were cancelled because of a lack of quorum.

Now is not a good time to not have a fully seated commission, because a long list of Marina projects are in the pipeline and the County Board of Supervisors needs the input of its advisory Small Craft Harbor Commission.

Commission meetings also give the public the opportunity to come and comment on various projects planned in the Marina.

CHAMBER EXEC BOARD HAS ITS OWN PROBLEMS — If the County Small Craft Harbor Commission has its problems of not being able to be make a decision because of a lack of quorum, the executive board of the Westchester/LAX-Marina del Rey Chamber of Commerce seems to have just the opposite problem.

The chamber executive board now makes individual endorsements of projects without any advance notice to chamber members and without any input from chamber members before an endorsement or opposition is announced.

Some chamber members — including your columnist — are livid that the chamber executive board would make an endorsement of the Czuker project at Admiralty and Palawan Ways in Marina del Rey without allowing any input from chamber members.

Moreover, the project that the chamber executive board has already endorsed is nowhere near at the point where an endorsement — or official opposition — is appropriate.

It may well be that, as the Czuker plans shake out en route through the required process, the final project will be worthy of chamber and chamber executive board support. But the present project is no where near that point.

The revised plan still has to go back through a process that includes public hearings before the County Marina del Rey Design Control Board, the Small Craft Harbor Commission and even the California Coastal Commission.

The Czuker plan requires an amendment to the Marina del Rey Local Coastal Plan.

The plan’s cheerleaders claim such an LCP amendment can be achieved in 18 months.

We’d be surprised if the amendment gets approved and through the lawsuits that will surely follow in less than three or four years.

What in the world is the chamber executive board doing jumping in with a full-blown endorsement at this early stage — and without even telling its chamber members in advance of its plans?

The chamber keeps claiming in its correspondence to members that the chamber respects its members and wants their input in everything the chamber does.

But this latest action by the chamber executive board shows no indication of that interest.

The chamber executive board couldn’t — or wouldn’t — even wait until its own Marina Affairs Committee heard a presentation from the developer before it rushed to endorse the now controversial Czuker project.

So much for chamber executive board credibility.

The chamber executive board — and the chamber — ought to stick to what the chamber does best — putting on mixers, handing out awards to local school teachers and having an initiation dinner every June or so.

The action by the chamber executive board to endorse the Czuker project at this stage of the planning process is — at the very least — embarrassing — and does nothing to enhance the credibility of either the chamber or its executive board.

COPPER CROOKS — There have apparently been three incidents of copper piping being stolen off Marina del Rey construction sites, the Marina Affairs Committee was told last week.

Some of the copper piping that is being cut and carted away is from fire protection units, thus endangering fire control, the chamber committee was told.