The Los Angeles County Fire Department has a new fireboat in Marina del Rey waters.

An older Marina fireboat was 35 years old and outdated, says County Fire Department Captain Paul Brown.

The cost of the new fireboat was roughly $1 million, Brown says.

“This new boat will be able to go as far out as 50 miles from shore,” said Brown.

Brown said the top speed on the new boat is 30 knots, nearly three times as fast as the old fireboat.

“The vessel is much more seaworthy, it can handle big seas,” Brown said.

Some features of the boat include:

n side thrusters to enhance maneuverability;

n a 300-gallon fuel tank;

n a 50-gallon aqueous foam tank (to put out fires);

n a tow bar; and

n a paramedic treatment center.

The boat can accommodate five crew members weighing 250 pounds each.

The boat will also store ten inflatable life rafts, which can hold between ten and 15 people.

Brown says the old fireboat still has some years in her and can be used as a back-up boat within the Marina.

The new fireboat will be moored at the Los Angeles County Marina del Rey Fire Station #10, 4433 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey.