Medical professionals at Marina Del Rey Hospital are celebrating National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October in a special way – by wearing pink examination gloves.

“These pink gloves that our caregivers are wearing are a visible reminder that early detection and prevention is key,” explained Roland Santos, chief nursing officer at the hospital. “Mammography screening remains the single-most effective method of detecting breast cancer in an early, treatable stage.”

In addition to raising awareness, the sales from pink gloves are helping to provide free mammograms to women who cannot afford them. The gloves’ manufacturer, Medline, contributes $1 for every case of its Generation Pink gloves purchased to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, an organization that has provided over 130,000 free screenings since 2004.

Studies show that screening mammography can help reduce the number of deaths from breast cancer among women ages 40 to 74, according to the National Cancer Institute.

And statistics from the American Cancer Society show that breast cancer is one of the most common cancers among women in the United States, other than skin cancer. It is the second leading cause of cancer death in women, after lung cancer, taking the lives of approximately 40,000 women annually, according to the society.

Breast cancer has many risk factors, including age, genetics, obesity, and family history. Women who exercise regularly, maintain healthy diets, and have regular visits with their doctors may be less likely to get breast cancer.