To the Editor:

As reported in The Argonaut, after approving billions of dollars of development — shopping centers, luxury apartments, luxury condominiums and six hotel projects — the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors will provide some low-income housing in Marina del Rey. How magnanimous!

Instead of the federally-mandated small craft harbor and recreation area, no longer visible except from the windows of high-rise hotels and condos, there will be a “cash cow” with a huge increase in traffic and higher property taxes for those of us who have spent our working lives acquiring equity in homes that we might enjoy as seniors.

Rather than concentrating on five percent affordable housing, we need to demand a master plan. There is none.

The Local Coastal Plan has been revised by the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors to diminish the responsibilities of the Design Control Board, which meets here in the Marina.

Development after development has been approved by the supervisors, with inadequate parking, which will necessitate a six-story parking structure on a lot by the water.

There is no master plan for destruction, construction or roads. There will even be another development like those horribly dense apartments on Marquesas Way. There will be two extended-stay hotels, one on Mothers Beach, allowing wealthy travelers from the rest of the country to replace the citizens of L.A. County.

Previous supervisors have erected bronze plaques — you see them all over the Marina — boasting of maintaining the small craft harbor and recreational area; not this board.

They do not deserve to be re-elected, especially “our” supervisor, Don Knabe. This is an issue much greater than affordable housing, it is the “Universalization” of Marina del Rey. I refer to Universal City.

Lynne Shapiro

Marina del Rey

Opponents of sculpture on Venice Circle were ignored

To the Editor:

Those of us residing and working full-time here in Venice who were originally opposed to the siting of the Robert Graham sculpture at the Windward Avenue Circle seem to have been ignored and not given the opportunity to voice our opposition and concerns as to the appropriateness of the site for Mr. Graham’s sculpture.

Most of us who were originally opposed felt that it was totally inappropriate to the best interests of the larger Venice community.

Now that the Graham sculpture has been permanently installed, I can only imagine that, at best, it might attract the casual attention of transients and tourists who in the end possess no significant connection to the Venice community.

Jim Starrett


Why is’no turn on red’ at Mindanao and Rte. 90?

To the Editor:

Why “no turn on red” at the junction of Mindanao Way and Route 90 eastbound?

I always take this route and have yet to see any problems in making right turns while merging with other traffic.

Wait until we see Mindanao backing up over Lincoln Boulevard, then we will really see problems.

Don Lawrence,

Marina del Rey

Documentary perpetuates negative depiction of Venice

To the Editor:

Regarding the article on the documentary The Venice Walk [The Argonaut, June 28th]: Uh boy! More perpetuation of very old stereotypes. Who benefits from this?

Bill Rosendahl’s field deputy Mark Antonio Grant should be jumping up and down, hopping mad at this inaccurate negative depiction.

Is this part of a movement to reestablish that ancient 30-year-old stereotype, “Venice — where the debris meets the sea”?

Chris Williams


Complains about increased fees on car rentals at LAX

To the Editor:

Last year I rented a Hyundai Accent at a Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) agency for one day. It cost $33.60, including tax and insurance.

On July 8th this year, I rented a similar Accent, but it cost $48.70. Why? This year LAX rental agencies have added an 11 percent “recovery fee” and a two percent “concession fee” to the cost of rental cars.

Wait, there’s more. They’ve also added a flat $10 “LAX facility fee” on all cars.

If you or vacationing friends or family need a rental car, make sure you bring enough cash or credit. Who knows how many “fees” are on the way.

Perhaps this is how the much-vaunted LAX expansion is to be funded.

Peter Joseph


Phoenix House residents were ‘wonderful neighbors’

To the Editor:

In regards to the article on the Phoenix House [The Argonaut, July 5th], I just wanted to say that my mother lived across from them (in the same house for over 60 years) and they were such wonderful neighbors.

We thought, “Oh, no” when they first moved in, but how wrong we were. The kindness they showed my mother during her last days was amazing and appreciated.

Nesha DeAngelis

Santa Monica