Crime in Marina del Rey usually increases in the summer months, Sheriff’s Capt. Samuel M. Dacus, station commander of the Marina del Rey Sheriff’s Station, told the Small Craft Harbor Commission at the beginning of summer.

Dacus reported that there is approximately a 17-percent increase in overall crime in the Marina during the summer, the largest increase being in the area of vehicular burglaries.

There is also an increase in residential burglaries and in most of the cases that Dacus said he reviewed, the burglars were people that the victims knew.

Sheriff commanders meeting. Dacus told the commission that commanders of various West End sheriff and police stations have resumed their meetings.

Involved are captains from the Marina del Rey Sheriff’s Station, Culver City, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles International Airport and some Los Angeles Police Department stations.

The goal is to share resources, Dacus said.

Some of the information the captains are sharing has already led to arrests, Dacus told the Small Craft Harbor Commission.

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) joined the meetings and now various law enforcement agencies are alterting the CHP when crimes occur in their areas.

Dacus told the commission the Sheriff’s Department is experiencing budget cuts but is trying to compensate for the losses by using techniques that show officer visibility, which the Marina station commander said has a tendency to reduce crime.

Homeland defense. A State Department of Boating and Waterways grant is funding the outfitting by the Sheriff’s Department of a 42-foot boat, the Yellow Tail, which the Sheriff’s Department has obtained from the Department of Fish and Game for use in homeland defense, Dacus said.

Police at Los Angeles International Airport also received approval for a boat to use in homeland defense.

Dacus said the airport police boat is a regional resource and airport police officials are considering having their boat stationed in the Marina area.

The boat would be a shared resource between the Sheriff’s Department and other agencies in the area, Dacus said.

Boat slip replacement. The County Department of Beaches and Harbors is not pursuing any additional reduction in the number of boat slips in the Marina, Marina director Stan Wisniewski told the Small Craft Harbor Commission.

The number of boat slips in the Marina has been diminishing because when anchorage operators redevelop their slips, the lessees are eliminating some of their smaller slips in reconfiguring the anchorages in the redevelopment process.

In the past, the County Department of Beaches and Harbors supported lessees when they wanted to reconfigure their slips by adding larger slips at the cost of eliminating smaller slips.

But Wisniewski said his department informed the California Coastal Commission that the county would not pursue additional reductions in slip numbers until the department could study and resolve impacts on smaller boat slips.

The reduction of smaller boat slips are also being impacted by the development of double slips and Americans with Disabilities requirements when lessees redevelop their anchorages, Wisniewski told the commissioners.

Wisniewski reported that there is “an unmet need” for slips “generally in the 35-foot” category and still a vacancy factor for smaller slips.

Some critics at the recent Small Craft Harbor Commission meeting disputed Wisniewski’s figures, alleging that the figures did not agree with a survey by the California State Department of Boating and Waterways.