As county officials in Marina del Rey begin the second half of the year, there is optimism about redevelopment projects in the Marina moving forward.

At the corner of Fiji Way and Lincoln Boulevard, where a “gateway” park is planned, ground monitoring of the former gasoline station site is continuing, to assure that no pollutants remain from the station.

Marina officials are optimistic that the heads of present monitoring stations on the site can be lowered, allowing the monitoring to continue but landscaping work to begin.

A temporary park of natural vegetation is planned on the site until a permanent landscaping can be developed at the site, which Marina officials consider as one of the most important “gateways to the Marina.”

Across Fiji Way from the park site, a development firm headed by Rick Caruso has received necessary plan approval from the County Regional Planning Department and most of the required approvals from the County Marina del Rey Design Control Board.

Some smaller approvals are still required from the Design Control Board, said Roger Moliere, Marina deputy director, concerned with asset management in the Marina.

On Washington Boulevard, Moliere said plans are moving forward for redevelopment on the Marina Beach Shopping Center.

There is also ground monitoring required on this site. The County Regional Planning Department requires such monitoring on all parcels “within 1,000 yards of former landfill projects.”

“There was a landfill within 1,000 yards of that site some 40 years ago,” Moliere said.

“But there are no new problems” for the parcel because of such monitoring, he emphasized.

Moliere said the county and the Santa Monica Windjammers Yacht Club are “still in negotiation” for a new clubhouse site for the yacht club.

Marina director Stan Wisniewski said rumors that his department plans to move its administration offices into the present yacht club site adjacent to Burton Chace Park “are totally erroneous.”

Wisniewski said the county has always planned to use the parcel for an aquatic center that would provide facilities for youths and others throughout the county.

The County Board of Supervisors is expected to receive “in 30 to 60 days” documents concerning a lease extension for Fisherman’s Village on Fiji Way, which would allow the lessee to get financing and begin redevelopment of that site.

When asked how the year’s second half looked in the Marina, Moliere replied:

“There is a lot under way” in the Marina.”