The Westside Leadership Magnet School on the Marina Peninsula held its “Winter Can Dance” Wednesday, December 12th, to donate cans of food for the local food bank at St. Joseph Center in Santa Monica.

The price of admission to the Winter Can Dance was a donation of two cans. The school, at 104 Anchorage St. on the Marina Peninsula, includes kindergarten through eighth grade.

Students helped collect cans, and when the week was over, the students at Westside Leadership Magnet had amassed several large piles of canned food.

Led by teacher Thomas Bangert’s science classes and the second grade class of teachers Wendy Liu and Marge Currie, Westside students helped collect close to 1,000 cans for the local food bank, according to the school.

Bangert said he didn’t need to overly motivate his students and simply asked, “Why stop at two cans when we can help a lot of families by bringing in a few extra cans every day?” His class alone brought in 310 cans.

The second-graders won the elementary contest with close to 100 cans collected.

The Winter Can Dance was a “huge success,” according to the school, and students even helped load the St. Joseph truck Friday, December 14th.