Howie Cohen, a Marina del Rey resident and creative coach at The Phelps Group advertising firm in Santa Monica, is to be honored by the TV Land cable channel Monday, December 11th.

The “I Can’t Believe I Ate the Whole Thing” television commercial Cohen created in 1972 for the Wells Rich Green advertising firm and its client Alka-Seltzer has made TV Land’s “100 Great TV Quotes and Catchphrases” list.

The commercial, along with a 1971 Wells Rich Green and Alka-Seltzer commercial called “Try It, You’ll Like It,” have become two of the most famous television commercials and the phrases are “now part of public lexicon,” according to the Phelps Group.

Both commercials have also been placed on the advertising industry’s Clio Hall of Fame for the top 50 most memorable campaign phrases.

Cohen’s latest television commercial to get the public’s attention is the “Where the Pets Go” campaign for The Phelps Group and Petco.