The 18th Del Rey Yacht Club 1,125-mile international boat race from Marina del Rey to Puerto Vallarta will begin Wednesday, February 16th — the first of staggered starts in what is the longest sustained international yacht race starting in the U.S.

The race is run every two years in odd-numbered years.

The race start will be in Santa Monica Bay off the Marina del Rey breakwater.

Ten yachts are scheduled to begin the Puerto Vallarta race next week in staggered starts.

The PHRF (Performance Handicap Racing Fleet) B class will have a 1 p.m. start Wednesday, February 16th.

Yachts scheduled to be at the PHRF-B start include:

Bay Wolf, Santa Cruz 50, Kirk Wilson, San Pedro;

Chicken Little, S/C 50T, Don Adams and Rick Palmer, Los Angeles; and

Horizon, S/C 50, Jack Taylor, Dana Point.

On Thursday, February 17th, a 1 p.m. start is planned for yachts in the PHRF-A class, including:

Barking Spider, MacGregor 65, David Kory, Point Richmond;

Beau Gest, Transpac 52, Karl Kwok, Hong Kong; and

Flash, Transpac 52, Mark Jones and Dick Watts, San Francisco.

The PHRF-AA class will have a 1 p.m. Friday, February 18th, start.

Expected to be at the starting line are:

Genuine Risk, Dubois 90, Randall Pittman, San Diego;

Magnitude 80, Andrews 80, Doug Baker, Long Beach;

Pyewacket, Reichel/Pugh maxZ86, and

Scout Spirit, R/P 77, David Janes, Jay Steinbeck, Newport Sea Base Syndicate, Newport Beach.

SALSA DIVISION — While the serious sailors are attempting to break speed records to Puerto Vallarta, the Salsa Division of the Marina del Rey to Puerto Vallarta race will be trolling for tuna or sipping margaritas at anchor.

The Salsa Division is designed for cruising sailors who want to join the excitement and camaraderie of the Marina del Rey to Puerto Vallarta race, but at a slower pace.

Salsa Division will start their participation five days earlier than the PHRF classes.

Twelve yachts are scheduled to participate in the Salsa Class and leave the start line at Friday, February 11th.

The class will sail four laps with stops at BahÌa Tortugas (Turtle Bay), BahÌa Santa Maria and Cabo San Lucas before crossing the Gulf of California for a final sail to the finish line.

During the third leg, the Salsa Division will conduct a fishing contest, and for scoring purposes, time stands still.

Competitors will photograph their catches alongside rulers and then have the fish for dinner.

Final awards will be presented in Puerto Vallarta.

Salsa Class entries include:

Spinnaker A:

Broadway Babe, C&C 110, 72, Jim Maslon, Marina del Rey;

Cheyenne, Whiting 49, Alan Blunt, Venice and David Fox, Santa Cruz;

Lark, J/45, Bob and Kathy Patterson, Los Angeles; and

Masquerade, Choate 40, Tim Coker.

Spinnaker B:

Enchanted Lady, Roberts 55 ketch, Andy Sibert, Seal Beach; and

Green Dragon, Catalina 380, Gary Green, Culver City;

Non-Spinnaker A:

Far Niente, Catalina 42, Patrick Hearne, Newport Beach;

Ginny B, Beneteau 46, Mark Biddison, Boulder, Colorado;

Lazy Bones, Irwin 54, Jeff Allen, Marina del Rey; and

Quest, Davidson 53, Scott Adam, Marina del Rey.

Non-Spinnaker B:

Camelot, Catalina 36, Hiro Funaoku, Marina del Rey; and

Wind Dancer, Tartan 38, William Solberg, Los Angeles.

RACE HEADQUARTERS — As in earlier years, the waterfront Westin Regina in the Marina Vallarta, will serve as headquarters for the race.