Sewer excavation and construction begins along Via Marina and Marquesas Way

By Gary Walker

Secant piling and jet grouting has begun at Pacific and 62nd avenues

Marina del Rey commuters can expect slower traffic for well into next year due to lane closures as construction of the Venice Dual Force Main sewer project moves forward this week.

The Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation is building a 54”-diameter pipeline to buttress the existing 48”-diameter sewer main that runs underneath Marina del Rey, which sanitation officials warn is rapidly deteriorating and in dire need of repair to prevent toxic ruptures.

The trajectory of the project traverses the Marina del Rey coastline and continues through the Marina Peninsula neighborhood to carry wastewater from the Venice Pumping Plant on Hurricane Avenue to the Hyperion Treatment Plant in Playa del Rey.

“This sewer system has been in service for over 50 years without any maintenance,” Bureau of Sanitation spokeswoman Tonya Durrell explained before construction broke ground. “We wouldn’t want to see anything like a sewage spill happen.”

Construction crews are currently moving into the heavier stages of excavation work in Marina del Rey, which will interrupt traffic flow in several areas.

“We’re building a construction area and a sound wall at Marquesas Way and Via Dolce, so we’re going to be reducing eastbound Marquesas to one lane and to two lanes northbound on Via Dolce,” said Gevork Mkrtchyan, construction manager of the sewer project.

Crews are simultaneously engaged in deep tunneling at one of the project’s first construction sites.

“We’re beginning excavation at Hurricane Street and Canal Court. This is heavy duty work and is expected to last about six weeks,” Mkrtchyan said.

Earlier this week, construction work began along Via Marina, a major marina thoroughfare. Via Marina is being reduced to one lane of southbound traffic all the way to where it merges with Pacific Avenue in Venice, Mkrtchyan said.

“This is where the bulk of the work in the marina will take place,” he added.

Work on Via Marina is expected to last approximately a year.

Complicating traffic congestion is that the sewer main project is happening simultaneously with other residential developments in the immediate area. There is currently major excavation work being done near Via Marina and Marquesas Way, which could further delay traffic.

“Traffic flow will be maintained at all times. We’ve been coordinating with the other construction areas on Via Marina. We’re working together to make the construction impacts as minimal as possible,” Mkrtchyan said.

In Playa del Rey, pre-excavation and tunneling work for the new sewer line has already begun at 62nd and Pacific avenues.  Two parking lots in the immediate area will remain closed during construction.


For updates on the project, visit or call (213) 978-0333 during business hours or (800) 773-2489 on evenings and weekends.