Venice resident Marta Evry’s photograph of the honor guard at President Barack Obama’s historical inauguration in January has been selected for inclusion in the Official Barack Obama 2009 Presidential Inaugural Book, according to the photo sharing Web site Photobucket.

Evry is one of 12 Photobucket users whose photos were chosen for inclusion in the official Obama inaugural book, according to the Photobucket site.

“To say I’m honored is an understatement,” Evry said of the selection in an email.

This is the only official book project of the 2009 inauguration and it was produced with the full support and cooperation of the 2009 Presidential Inaugural Committee, according to Photobucket.

In January, Photobucket, Epicenter Communications and the Presidential Inauguration Committee invited everyday Americans to submit photos of their personal celebrations of President Obama’s inauguration. Of the more than 20,000 photos submitted to Photobucket, 12 users were selected to have their photos included in this large-format coffee table book, which is available at

“This is the first time photos from the public are included in the official inauguration book and we saw a tremendous response from our users,” said Alice Lankester, vice president of marketing for Photobucket.

“Over 20,000 photos were submitted online during the inauguration — many of them of excellent quality. It was hard to make a choice, and we are delighted by the 12 Photobucket users’ photos that were selected.”

In addition to user-submitted pictures, the Official Barack Obama 2009 Presidential Inaugural Book will include images from an elite team of award-winning photojournalists led by David Hume Kennerly, a Pulitzer Prize winner who served as official photographer for the Gerald Ford White House, and Bob McNeely, who served as President Bill Clinton’s official photographer.