Long-line fever: delaying

the next trip to the pumps


For the motorists waiting in line Tuesday afternoon at the Standard Oil service station at the intersection of Lincoln Boulevard and Mindanao Way, the gasoline shortage means riding a bicycle to the market, spending evenings at home, coasting to red lights — doing anything it takes to delay the next trip to the pumps.

Jim Alley, a Santa Monica electronics technician, said he conserves gas, and increases his mileage, through conscientious driving methods.

“I’m milking the hell out of it,” said Alley of the precious supply of gas in his Datsun 1600’s tank. Alley said he coasts the car to a stop at red lights and stop signs, accelerates slowly, and, since the car has a standard shift, shifts into the next highest gear as soon as he can.

“I’ve increased my gas mileage from 22 to almost 30 miles per gallon,” he said.