Following the 5.4 magnitude earthquake Tuesday, July 29th, the Los Angeles City Emergency Management Department will host a Neighborhood Emergency Ambassador Program at Westchester Fire Station No. 5 in September.

Stephen Cheung, the West Area director of Neighborhood and Community Services, invited members of the community to the event.

“In light of the earthquake this morning, I strongly encourage each and every one of you to visit the Los Angeles City Emergency Management Department’s (EMD) Web site at www.lacity .org/emd/index.htm for more information on how you can be more prepared for earthquakes and other emergencies,” said Cheung. “This will be a great opportunity for your community to be fully trained on emergency preparedness and emergency response. You will find the program information on the EMD Web site as well.”

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa issued a statement after the earthquake, in an effort to ensure the public that Los Angeles remains safe following the incident.

“All Angelenos should rest assured that Los Angeles has the best trained, most professional first responders in the nation, the mayor said. “They prepare for this type of situation year-round and they are ready for any contingency. Everyone residing in Southern California lives with the possibility of an earthquake each and every day. Thankfully, there are no serious injuries or damages to report in the Los Angeles area. Our children, schools, offices and highways are safe, and our emergency response personnel have acted swiftly and effectively. Our city and region have emerged relatively unscathed.

“This earthquake should serve as a wake-up call to all of Los Angeles’s and Southern California’s families. Now is the time for parents to talk to their children about safety and preparedness, and to develop a plan of action in the event of any emer- gency.”