Playa del Rey attorney Val Velasco’s nomination to the City of Los Angeles Board of Airport Commission still has to be approved by the Los Angeles City Council.

So, we shouldn’t get too excited quite yet.

But, count us among the many who are absolutely ecstatic about the thought that Velasco will be representing the communities near LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) on the airport commission.

Opponents who want to ram through the dreadful airport expansion plan of former Mayor Jim Hahn and former Councilwoman Cindy Miscikowski are trying to rev up criticism that since Velasco heads one of the entities suing the city to stop LAX expansion that she can’t serve on the LAX airport board.

But word is already leaking out this week that many of the plaintiffs in the suit against the city are already negotiating details that might eliminate the need for the suits.

It will be interesting to see how much members of the City Council are going to want to oppose a new mayor who has come out of the box running — and gathering lots and lots of support everywhere he turns up.

Too, Velasco-fan Councilman Bill Rosendahl has hardly been a wallflower during his first few weeks on the Council.

Some day the recent campaign for the 11th District council seat will have to end, but we do remind everyone that Rosendahl was supported by nine of the 15 L.A. City Council members in that race and he has a residue of great support on the Council.

GRASS ROOT SURPRISES — It is a long time before the September 10th and 11th election of a new Grass Roots Venice Neighborhood Council board, but opponents of the old board are off to an interesting start in their effort to reject a rerun of last year’s Grass Roots election.

So far the folks who were in charge when the Grass Roots Venice went out of business June 30th have been very quiet.

We don’t expect that to continue much longer as the Grass Roots Venice Neighborhood Council Volunteer Election Committee continues to get all the attention and ink as its process continues along.

NOT CLOSING — Put to sleep the rumor of the week that Westchester High School is going to be closed.

Not so says Susan Allen, director of high schools for Los Angeles Unified School District Local District 3.

IN SANTA MONICA — Two items of interest in Santa Monica.

The trial of Russell Weller, the fellow who drove his Buick Le-Sabre through the Santa Monica Farmers Market, killing ten and injuring 63 others, has been delayed until March.

The delay is attributed to an assistant prosecutor, who is on maternity leave.

Then there is the buzz about Santa Monica College suing the City of Santa Monica over the city’s action to close Airport Boulevard near the college’s new Bundy Campus.

The college wants the street south of Santa Monica Airport left open and the city wants to close it to keep college student access away from vehicles at the airport.

CHANGES IN THE MARINA — My how times change.

We can recall past years when the County Small Craft Harbor Commission and the County Marina Control Design Board droaned on for months about the details of a proposed project.

Nobody seemed to care — except developers whose interest payment clocks were ticking.

Down at the Hall of Administration, county supervisors had such a disinterest in the commission and the design board that vacancies were often left open for months, even when gathering a quorum was an issue.

Now it seems, the supervisors want everything “within 60 days” and when members of the Small Craft Harbor Commission or the Design Control Board want to pause and ponder some aspect of a project before them, they are told just to vote and pass the project along.

An additional problem comes when Design Board members want to change the terms of a lease between the county and a lessee — as the Design Board wanted to do this past week.

It’s all technical stuff and we can understand why the commissioners and board members want more time.

What is interesting, though, is that the supervisors have finally woken up and actually want to get something done in the Marina — “within 60 days” yet.