More than 4,000 volunteers took part in more than 30 service

projects in communities across Los Angeles, including Venice, Playa del Rey and Mar Vista, as part of a citywide Day of Service led by Mayor Antonio Villarai-gosa Saturday, June 27th.

It was the 13th Day of Service in the first four-year term of Villaraigosa, who was sworn in for his second term July 1st. The Day

of Service events over the years have engaged more than 120,000 people in 1,000 community service projects throughout Los Angeles.

Among the service projects in the Argonaut coverage area were a beach clean-up during the Venice Beach Eco-Fest, a Ballona Wetlands clean-up in Playa del Rey and a clean-up at former Fire Station No. 62 in Mar Vista.

The June 27th event was sponsored by ServiceMaster, a global service company with a diverse array of services from landscaping to termite control and employs 1,200 people in the Los Angeles area that donated $40,000 to downtown volunteer projects, a Villaraigosa spokes- person said. The Day of Service featured projects for all ages and abilities.

The Day of Service concluded with a volunteer festival at City Hall, where Villaraigosa paid homage to the thousands of volunteers who have given their time and energy to build stronger communities during his first term.

“Whether painting a mural, planting a tree, or serving food to

seniors, True Angels realize we are all in this together, and that

social change only comes with active, committed engagement,” Villaraigosa said. “These True Angels come together from all different backgrounds and from all across Los Angeles to lay the foundations of stronger communities for future generations.”