Santa Monica City Councilman Kevin McKeown has formally announced his candidacy for re-election in November.

“People see me at meetings all over town, so my undiminished enthusiasm for responsive engagement with Santa Monica’s challenges is no secret,” McKeown said in announcing his candidacy Thursday, July 13th. “I’m proud of my record, but I’ll be running on the work I still want to do to improve our quality of life and to champion social justice, lifelong learning and an environmentally clean, sustainable city.”

During eight years on the council, three as mayor pro tem, McKeown has focused on local issues but worked closely with regional leaders, he says.

“Kevin has been consistently committed and effective on issues in Santa Monica regarding quality of life and social justice,” said State Senator Sheila Kuehl, who endorses McKeown.

“Kevin is that rare policymaker who tirelessly sweats the little details but intuitively gets the big picture,” said former Santa Monica Mayor Denny Zane, who has also endorsed McKeown. “His impact on protecting Santa Monica from commercial overdevelopment has been immense and every neighborhood in town has benefited from McKeown’s hard work.”

McKeown represented Santa Monica this spring at a national homelessness summit in Denver, and his involvement in the issue goes back 15 years to service on Santa Monica’s Homelessness Task Force.

McKeown was recently reappointed unanimously to a Santa Monica seat on the Westside Cities Council of Governments, where he has engaged adjacent communities in pursuing cooperative regional homelessness solutions.

Los Angeles City Councilmember Bill Rosendahl also endorses McKeown.

“I certainly embrace Kevin and his work on regional issues including homelessness,” Rosendahl said. “We are good progressive partners for the benefit of the whole Westside.”

Sacramento Assemblymember

Fran Pavley also has endorsed McKeown for re-election. “With his combination of energy and experience, Kevin is a leader on environmental issues and has

been a strong advocate for education,” said Pavley. “Local lawmakers like Kevin push Sacramento toward better statewide policy, and he’s certainly earned Santa Monicans’ votes.”

McKeown, 58, grew up in New Haven, Connecticut, where he attended public high school

and earned a full scholarship to Yale University. After involvement in music and politics at the campus radio station, he pursued a broadcast career instead of a degree.

In 1976, McKeown came to Santa Monica as general manager of Los Angeles radio station KROQ, later becoming an award-winning radio producer and co-owning a radio recording studio on Santa Monica’s Main


McKeown works full-time as educational technology consultant for the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District.

McKeown says his personal campaign is funded at the grassroots level and he voluntarily declines all corporate contributions.

“The privilege of serving my Santa Monica community as one of our seven councilmembers is one I fully intend to earn again,” McKeown said. “My proven commitment is to listen hard and work even harder, providing leadership while making sure each and every Santa Monican is heard and empowered in our decisions.”