Santa Monica City Councilmember Michael Feinstein kicked off his re-election campaign Saturday, June 12th, with a “Meet and Greet” fundraiser in Santa Monica’s Ocean Park Neighborhood.

Feinstein is one of four councilmembers whose seats will be on the Tuesday, November 2nd, city ballot.

The other three councilmembers whose seats will be on the ballot are Mayor Richard Bloom and Councilmen Ken Genser and Herb Katz.

More than 40 people attended the Feinstein event.

The gathering was the first in a series of neighborhood-based events Feinstein plans to attend throughout Santa Monica.

“I’ve learned a lot on the council over the past seven-plus years, including serving two years as mayor.

“But I think it’s critical, as I seek re-election, that I re-engage myself with people on a block-by-block, neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis,” said Feinstein.

“That’s why I intend to attend numerous house parties and other gatherings in every neighborhood across the city, as well as making myself available to as many civic groups and organizations as will have me.”

Originally scheduled for two hours, the Meet and Greet event lasted four hours, as Feinstein and attendees engaged in a give-and-take regarding community goals and priorities.

Among the issues discussed were parks and open space, traffic and parking, City Hall bureaucracy improvements, and the upcoming revision of the city general plan.

“As we map out how our city will evolve over the next 20 years, I’m committed to the principles of sustainability and community input as critical guides for our common future,” said Feinstein.

Feinstein is the first among announced City Council candidates to have a campaign Web site,