Mighty Pilates recently moved their Santa Monica studio to a new location on Montana Avenue that features 3,600 square feet of space, two huge studio rooms, a room for private lessons, and an outdoor balcony. Photos Courtesy of Mighty Pilates

New studio location brings energizing workouts to Santa Monica

By Nicole Borgenicht

When Cricket Wardein was on assignment in 2007 in Australia as Yahoo’s chief marketing officer, she got hooked on Pilates with multiple reformers in one room.

As a businesswoman and marketing expert, Wardein saw the hole in the marketplace that she would fill. She drew up a financial plan and by 2009 opened the first Mighty Pilates location in San Francisco.

“Getting certified was the best way to gain a complete understanding of the technique so that I could immerse myself in all aspects of the business, ensure my instructors were teaching to the highest standards and I could best serve my future clients,” Wardein said.

By 2015, Wardein was captivated by the Santa Monica lifestyle and opened her second Mighty Pilates location. Recently, Wardein moved the business to a larger space on Montana Avenue, which was perfect timing with COVID-19. Because people are so conscious about social distancing, personal space is essential for a good workout.

“Mighty Pilates expanded into a bigger space recently because classes were always full and because the new space is about double the size – also giving a bit more elbow room during these times when people are craving the community vibe but want to be socially distanced.” Wardein said.

There are 120 classes offered at Mighty Pilates, with 25 weekly livestream classes for those who prefer online due to the pandemic, work, family or a combination of reasons. Wardein takes the time to learn about her clients’ selection process to offer classes that are easily accessible.

There are numerous classes for each client level and preferred style of Pilates. In the Foundations class, beginning students learn about the springs on a reformer and ways of connecting to the exercise. Power is an advanced class that encompasses strength building. Re:form, Jump & Core and TRX/Re:form are designed for all levels with variety in cardio and core, while TRX is also useful in combination with Pilates for full-body balance.
A Happy Hour Pilates is also offered on Friday evenings.

“We are toasting new friends and getting through the week – we could all use any reason to celebrate these days,” Wardein said. “It’s a fun way to connect with other clients and staff at the end of a great class.”
Wardein has also created Mighty Moonlight, an aura decompression class. Candles complement relaxing music and active stretching to secure a good workout.

In all of the classes, toning and firming is achieved through classic Pilates. Proper reformer adjustment in resistance levels keeps up full-body engagement for the best workout possible.

“We pump up the music to get your energy up (OK, and to distract you from all those reps),” Wardein said. “As we love to say at Mighty, ‘You are only one workout away from a great mood.’”

With an upbeat flair for the human spirit, Mighty Pilates has the quintessential combination of working out through challenges, high-spirited fun, and stretching to relaxation. Newcomers are advised to learn how to use the equipment first in Pilates one-on-one workouts, then join the classes when they’ve been properly trained in the first steps.

Class sizes are limited to eight or nine people per class, so there’s always personal attention and social distancing accompanied by a positive exercise vibe.


Mighty Pilates
1426 Montana Ave., Santa Monica