Los Angeles City Councilwoman Cindy Miscikowski wants the RAND Corporation to “have a seat at the table” with the City of Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners regarding the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) advanced planning contract for Alternative D.

Miscikowski made the recommendation at an airport commission meeting Wednesday, July 6th.

Miscikowski has proposed what is being called “a consensus plan” that would implement immediately specific, urgent projects in the proposed LAX master plan Alternative D — such as widening of a southern runway to eliminate near incursions.

Miscikowski’s consensus “specific” plan mandates a security study by city officials and a city ordinance to be passed by the Los Angeles City Council, before any construction would begin, said Miscikowski’s airport deputy David Kissinger.

“A city ordinance requiring a security study before any construction starts at LAX would make it more difficult for upcoming city administrations to override the concerns of this council and community,” Kissinger said.

Other projects, such as a ground transportation center at Manchester Square and demolishing Terminals 1, 2 and 3 — as proposed by Mayor James Hahn in his Alternative D — would require further study and analysis.

Rather than The RAND Corporation preparing one report on the safety and security of Alternative D, Miscikowski wants an ongoing rapport between RAND and the airport commissioners, with the commissioners being advised on security ramifications and recommended mitigations as they progress, Kissinger said.

Miscikowski has been working with airlines that use LAX regarding her consensus “specific” plan.

The Los Angeles City Council will receive the report on Phase I of the RAND Corporation study before the council votes on the LAX master plan Alternative D later this year.

The study would include information about existing conditions and include a cost benefit analysis of the LAX master plan reconfiguration, Kissinger said.

Miscikowski’s “green light/yellow light” project proposals from her consensus plan would be included in Phase II of the advanced planning contract, after the vote by the city council, Kissinger said.

AIRPORT POLICE — In other business, the Board of Airport Commissioners voted to release a request for proposal (RFP) that would award a third party contract to study the proposed merger of the LAX Police Department into the Los Angeles Police Department.

Two commissioners expressed concern that the study might be skewed toward merging the two departments and voted against releasing the RFP.