Bentley, an 8-month-old male savannah cat, went missing from Marquesas Way in Marina del Rey

By Joe Piasecki

A Marina del Rey woman whose exotic hybrid cat escaped from her apartment on Marquesas Way is still looking for him — and still offering a $20,000 reward for his safe return.

Bentley, an 8-month-old savannah (a cross between a domesticated cat and a wild African serval cat), went missing on Feb. 26. He has long legs, big ears, deep brown eyes and small black spots. He was still missing as of Friday evening.

The size of the reward for Bentley’s safe return has attracted national media attention, prompting some people to join the search in the hope of a five-figure payday.

Bentley’s owner spoke to The Argonaut on condition of anonymity, explaining that she wishes to avoid negative public attention and keep people focused on the safe return of her cat.

She had initially posted a $5,000 reward (the same amount she paid for Bentley), but quadrupled it to $20,000 to make sure that Bentley’s safe return would be much more profitable than selling him to someone else.

“I upped the price to eliminate the possibility of someone stealing him,” she said. “It’s not about the money. I just want my cat back.”

Bentley’s owner has set up cat traps in the area and at one point even ordered a bloodhound search. She was working with a pet detective agency but lost confidence in them, she said.

For a cat, Bentley is also pretty resourceful. Bentley’s owner said he had previously taken an interest in the front door handle, and she believes he used his weight to push the door handle down and open the door while she was away.

Anyone who finds Bentley is asked to call (310) 299-7905.