In NBC’s Today morning show’s Today Throws a Wedding contest, Playa del Rey resident Molly Mouchka and Sylmar resident Jason Waggoner are competing with other couples from around the U.S. to have their wedding planned free by show viewers.

The nuptials will then be broadcast live on Today in October from a yet-to-be-announced location in New York City.

Seven couples began the seven-week challenge on August 9th.

After the first challenge, viewers had nearly a week to vote for the couples that performed the best.

The couple that received the least amount of votes for the challenge was eliminated Wednesday, August 16th.

After the second and third challenges, two more couples that received the least votes were eliminated Wednesdays, August 23rd and 30th.

The following weeks will follow the same pattern until the winning couple is announced Wednesday, September 20th.

From Monday, September 25th, through Wednesday, October 4th, the wedding will be planned in seven days for the wedding day on Friday, October 6th.

Viewers can cast votes for their favorite couple on the show’s Web site at . Follow the link to Today Thows a Wedding.

Voting begins after each Wednesday’s show and ends at 2 p.m. Pacific Time on Mondays.

Mouchka said the other couples on the show have been getting a lot of support from their hometowns and she would like people in Playa del Rey and Sylmar to vote for her and Waggoner.

Mouchka is a 36-year-old mortgage broker and Waggoner, 37, is president of the studio location equipment company StarWaggons.

They have been together for two years and six months, and they got engaged February 16th.

“Jason takes care of me, whether I’m at my best or my worst,” Mouchka said. “He steps up in every way.”

“There’s just something about her,” Waggoner said. “She has an infectious energy and a mischievous spark in her eye.”

When Mouchka and Waggoner first met, they were both dating other people, but ten years later they ran into each other again and this time there was chemistry that drew them together.

The couple shared their first kiss after a second date, but Mouchka was not prepared for some news that was soon to come.

Her mother had relapsed in her ongoing battle with cancer and succumbed to the disease, which crushed Mouchka because her biological father had also passed away when she was younger.

In a trying time for Mouchka, Waggoner stepped in to fill the void and took care of Mouchka and her family.

This was when Mouchka said she realized she wanted to marry Waggoner.

During a vacation in Hawaii, the couple challenged each other to a game of tennis, which Mouchka won.

As the couple walked up to center court for the traditional post-game handshake, Waggoner got down on one knee.

Mouchka said she didn’t know what he was doing at first until he pulled out the engagement ring and proposed. She did not hesitate to say yes.

While Mouchka was calling her family and friends with the good news, Waggoner had one more surprise for her.

He had asked Mouchka’s stepfather to write a letter on behalf of her late mother, conveying her mother’s thoughts on her future engagement to Waggoner.

Mouchka could not believe he had done this and was impressed with Waggoner’s thoughtfulness to include her mother in this memorable occasion.

Waggoner told Mouchka that he chose to propose at a moment in which he could feel her late mother’s presence in the cloudless blue sky above the tennis court.

Mouchka and Waggoner are listed on the Today show’s Web site as “Molly & Jason, Playa del Rey, California.”