By Joe Piasecki

A motorcycle burst into flames after crashing Wednesday evening on the 4700 block of Lincoln Boulevard in Marina del Rey but its driver emerged unscathed, a witness who helped put out the fire said.

The solo crash was reported at around 5:45 p.m., according to Los Angeles police.

Jeanet Mendez, a server and host at Morfia’s Ribs and Pies, said the flaming wreckage came to rest on the roadway in front of the restaurant.

“We heard a screeching noise and saw the bike pass right by us. [The driver] slid too, but he was fine. His bike automatically went on fire,” Mendez said.

Workers at Morfia’s carried restaurant fire extinguishers outside and with the help of another bystander doused the flames, she said.

Further details were not immediately available from police.