A new mural depicting the iconic La Monica Ballroom, formerly located on the Santa Monica Pier, has been unveiled on the pier’s parking deck.

The Santa Monica Pier Restoration Corporation enlisted Artisan Design along with volunteers from UCLA and Grant Elementary School students to assist in the creation of the mural.

Last year, volunteers from UCLA assisted the restoration corporation in a variety of outdoor projects including the painting of handrails, touching up trim on the stairways, and creating a 10-by-30-foot mural beach-level on the pier.

“UCLA is committed to inspiring its students to learn how to become participants and leaders in their community,” said David Bloome, campaign director at the UCLA Volunteer Center.

The new 32-by-8-foot mural, located at the entrance of Pacific Park and Playland Arcade, replaces a mural that has been on the pier since 2008. Restoration corporation members note the symbolic location of the art piece, as the La Monica Ballroom, which was open from 1924 to 1963 and is pictured on the mural, was located where Pacific Park now resides.

“The mural really tells the story of the pier and its evolution as an amusement venue throughout its first 100 years,” said James Harris, Santa Monica Pier historian. “To have students from both the university and grade school levels working side by side reflects that continuous element of fun that the pier has meant so much to so many generations,”