SoulfulofNoise music collective is a grassroots labor of love ‘to make people feel happy’

Cooki Turner is a vocal powerhouse

Being an emerging recording artist can be a Catch-22, observes SoulfulofNoise cofounder Xavier Henderson: “You can’t get a gig without fans, but can’t get fans without a gig.”

So when his girlfriend, SoulfulofNoise cofounder Lynisha “Oni1Love” Hyche, had the idea to call a music blog “SoulfulofNoise,” they decided to team up to produce concerts for independent artists and promote their music through the web.

Over the past year, the couple has assembled a roster of artists specializing in hip-hop, R&B, soul and an amalgamation of those genres, bringing those diverse sounds to locations such as the Venice Boardwalk. On Wednesday, Feb. 7, the group stops by Culver City speakeasy the Blind Barber to produce an Airbnb Experience show that’s not just for tourists, but also locals.

The lineup includes independent artists Ryn Nicole, Shaelle, Kwestion, Maxi, and Cooki Turner.

“Ryn Nicole and Shaelle, they’re both like acoustic soul,” says Henderson. “Kwestion, he’s a hip-hop artist, a very gifted lyricist. He performs with a live band. He’s not the karaoke type. Maxi, he has a voice that’s like honey butter. He sounds like a cross between John Mayer and Jon B. … And Cooki, she’s like an old-school, powerhouse church voice.”

Henderson and Hyche comb through Instagram profiles, field recommendations from friends and pull from their extensive knowledge of L.A.’s music scene (Henderson was a talent agent; Hyche works for iHeartRadio) to find emerging artists to feature in their showcases. (Which, by the way, the couple pays for out-of-pocket.)

“They call talent a gift, and if that gift was given to you, what do you use it for?” muses Henderson, who is including a toy drive for homeless kids with the Blind Barber show. “At the end of the day…this platform we built is in order to spread a feeling — to make people feel happy.”

— Christina Campodonico

The music begins at 7 p.m. Wednesday (Feb. 7) in the back room at Blind Barber, 10797 Washington Blvd., Culver City. Tickets are $10. Call (909) 378-5631 or visit SoulfulofNoise also visits the Venice Boardwalk on March 17, busking in front of Big Daddy’s Pizza (1425 Ocean Front Walk) at noon.