DJ BU$R1D3R’s Venice Vibes Playlist

DJ/musician/producer BU$R1D3R crafts, collaborates and engineers original music out of his Venice-based Spherico Sound Studios. He drops wax weekly at Venice Beats (James’ Beach/Canal Club), C.A.V.E. Gallery and Sunday Sonics (The Mar Vista). Give him a shout at

If the offbeat boardwalk, chill walk streets and chic grit of the Venice experience had an official soundtrack, BU$R1D3R would be the guy to put it together. So we asked the longtime Venice deejay, musician and producer to create a playlist of local artists that would give the amorphous Venice Vibe some sonic definition. Listen along at


Deploi, “Organized”

The Fever

Uplifting hip-hop at its finest. Deploi’s lyrics infect you with positivity. His voice shines bright and the hook is fire. Love this track!

’Hood: Mar Vista / Venice


National Anthem, “Come to California”

Come to California

A raucous proclamation to all the beauty that is California. Killer bass n’ drums carry you the entire cut. It’s one of those dance rock jams that you just love to shake and sing along to.

’Hood: Venice /Culver City / Marina del Rey


King Fantastic, “Lost Art of Killing”

Finger Snaps and Gun Claps

This track is OG Westside to the core. The mix of vivid criminal rhymes and deep dark beats speak to me on so many levels. This song is tough — a salute to bad guys everywhere.

’Hood: Venice / Marina del Rey


House of Vibe All Stars, “Contributed”

Westside Tribe

These guys have been reppin’ the Westside for a minute now. There are excellent musicians in this outfit. This song is one of my faves as it is stripped down to heartfelt lyrics and piano.

’Hood: Venice


“The Sun Goes Down”


You’ve gotta love the music you create. This is a dark contemplative piece that crosses buzzy tech beats, synths and piano with chilled passion. This is a meditative, calm, futuristic cut.

’Hood: Venice

Runson Willis III, “Soul to Soul”

Runson Willis III

Runson oozes soul. Stripped down with no gimmicks, his truth is evident. He’s also a class act on guitar and pleasantly hypnotic with his voice. This fine musician is one of the top neo soul singer/songwriters out of the Westside.

’Hood: Mar Vista


Suicidal Tendencies, “You Can’t Bring Me Down”

Lights, Camera, Revolution

This is brilliant, from the guitar intro to the drop of the verse. It’s aggressive and urban, with a message. This group features OGs from the neighborhood who threw it down. HARD.

’Hood: Venice


Jane’s Addiction, “then she did”

Ritual de lo Habitual

The artistry on this song is chilling. The music soars over your senses
as Perry Farrell serenades a lost love. The song is deeply moving and vulnerable. It’s just too good.

’Hood: Venice

The Doors, “Not to Touch the Earth”

Waiting for the Sun

This is one of those forgotten gems. Intense from the start, the song keeps building. Really though, what can
I say? It’s The Doors. Jim’s raspy voice spews potent poetic lines over Robbie, John & Ray’s music. Classic.

’Hood: Venice

Black Realz ft. LT Wigglez, “Thought You Knew”

Getta Ent. Music

Black Realz and crew’s lyrics burn you hotter than a trap house in Compton. This is a club anthem. One of those get lit, late-night bangers. Hot! ’Hood: Inglewood / La Cienega


Ill:ogical SRL, “Cheated”
The Outermost
The two deejays and opera singer in this trio are a brilliant sonic sensation. Trip-hop with glimpses of drum and bass create a palette for the alluring yet haunting female vocals. It’s amazing listening to the creative power of two powerhouse deejays in
the studio.

’Hood: Venice / Mar Vista