Dealing another setback to the Hilton Los Angeles Airport, a National Labor Relations Board judge has ruled that the hotel engaged in unfair labor practices.

An administrative law judge for the Labor Relations Board issued a proposed ruling October 24th that the Hilton Los Angeles Airport, which is involved in an ongoing labor dispute with service workers, has allegedly wrongfully suspended, interrogated and physically pushed workers and threatened physical harm against one.

The proposed ruling comes after an investigation and a 17-day trial by the National Labor Relations Board. The decision will become a final order of the board on November 18th, unless challenged.

Hilton Los Angeles Airport officials called the judge’s ruling “wrong” and said that they are considering appealing the decision to the full Labor Relations Board.

The ruling will require the Century Boulevard hotel to pay more than $36,000 plus interest to the suspended workers and desist from a range of alleged unlawful activities.

The decision comes a month after the hotel’s lawsuit against a Los Angeles living wage ordinance was rejected by a federal judge.

The California Occupational Safety and Health Agency also issued a citation against the Hilton Los Angeles Airport last year for violations of worker safety regulations. A union representing hotel service workers has called for a boycott of the hotel for the past two years to fight for improved working conditions.

“We have waited more than two years for this day,” hotel server Miguel Vargas said of the ruling. “All we did was stand up for the basic American right to be treated fairly.”

While they dismissed the Labor Relations decision, Hilton Los Angeles Airport officials said in a statement that they continue to support an election to allow the employees to decide if they want union representation.

“The true negative outcome of this ruling is that it removes our focus on what matters — our employees’ rights,” hotel officials said. “The LAX Hilton will continue to stand with our employees in defense of their right to choose. We are ready, willing and waiting to have an election.”