Aesthetic MdR offers several options that can help people feel better about the process of aging or even feel more youthful including medical-grade facials that incorporate chemical or laser peels.

Early care can keep a person looking healthy and youthful

By Bridgette M. Redman

Don’t wait. That’s the advice that Dr. Luis H. Macias has for his patients.

The double board certified plastic surgeon and owner of Aesthetic MdR works with people of all ages to help them maintain their youthful appearances whether through skin care, fillers, Botox or surgery.

“If you start thinking about things to do to maintain youth or to take care of things that are bothering you, don’t wait too long,” Macias said. “Sometimes as things progress they are a little more difficult to treat or harder to take care of. Maintenance is much easier to do than to try to take care of a lot of damage.”

He has many suggestions for preventive care that can keep people from trying to put out fires later in life. His practice offers several options that can help people feel better about the process of aging or even feel more youthful.

“It is self-care,” Macias said. “People get their haircut or their nails done. Nowadays people go to offices to get things like Botox, which is very common and not just 50-plus, but 20-plus. They get preventive Botox so they don’t have the deep lines and wrinkles that can occur over time and are tough to get rid of once they show up.”

He observed that fillers are popular as people age because they start to lose volume in their face. Younger people sometimes get fillers for such things as lips, but rejuvenation fillers tend to start later. He suggests that when people are in their 40s, they start to need volume replacement in the cheeks or under the eyes.

While people were previously focused on the facial skin sagging due to gravity, it is now known that part of the problem is that the face loses volume. Macias warned that adding too much volume in the wrong place can make people look overdone or give them a pillow-like appearance. However, the careful application of fillers can address the volume loss.

Facelifts used to be something that people in their 60s and 70s would get, but Macias is now seeing more people doing it in their late 40s and early 50s. It’s a trend he supports as recent studies and research show that the earlier you get it done, the more natural it looks and the longer it lasts. When a person comes in during their 50s to get a facelift, the result appears more natural because there is less skin to remove and the change is less dramatic.

However, Macias pointed out that even facials, especially medical-grade facials that incorporate chemical or laser peels, can also have a dramatic effect on keeping a person looking younger and healthier. He said that medical-grade skin care is an important part of a person’s routine, especially in terms of keeping skin hydrated and protected from the Southern California sun.

Facials that incorporate chemical or laser peels or the Photofacial help to address the browns and reds in the skin as well as any sun damage.
“People use makeup to hide the summer skin damage that makes people look older,” Macias said. “If you can treat it with a good skin care regimen and be proactive about facials, you’ll use less makeup and your skin will be healthier.”

As of 2021, he said there is a nonsurgical way to tighten skin on the market and Aesthetic MdR has invested in the Morpheus 8, which he believes to be the best on the market. It allows for a microneedling treatment that includes radiofrequency.

“If you want to melt some fat or dermis and cause tightening of the skin, radiofrequency delivered through microneedles has been the best way,” Macias said.

The technology uses tiny needles – 24 for the face, 40 for the body – and has a probe on the tips of the needles that emit radiofrequency. They heat up the layers of tissue and cause collagen to rush to those areas to repair it.

Macias stressed the importance of giving his patients a good experience at Aesthetic MdR — both his experience as a surgeon and the experience that his patients have at the practice.

“When I get my hair cut, go to the Four Seasons or am at a resort, there is a certain level of service, comfort and friendliness that I expect and want my patients to have when they come to see us,” Macias said.

Macias doesn’t make his patients get their own medication before coming in for a surgery. He has them delivered to the office, he creates a care package and he writes them a personal note. They are given them on the day of surgery in the office and they don’t have to go get them or pay for them.

Guests are also served coffee, tea, sparkling and flat water, and the staff is empowered to get a patient anything within reason that they ask for.
Macias is always willing to consult with his patients on what they want and need to feel good about their appearance as they age.

“You don’t need any of this,” Macias said. “No one needs to get a haircut, get their nails done or get Botox, but we all like to make ourselves a little more presentable. Guys shave and trim their beards. This is another thing that we all do to try to maintain our appearance. It’s a maintenance thing. It’s not just a one and done. Don’t wait for the facelift. Start working on the skin now. Consult with a plastic surgeon that has been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery for your rejuvenation or maintenance needs.”

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