is Sunday, September 17th

Eleven seats on the Venice Neighborhood Council are open in this year’s Board of Officers election, scheduled from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday, September 17th, at Venice High School, 13000 Venice Blvd., Mar Vista.

Four executive officer seats, including president, vice president, outreach officer and land use and planning committee chair, are on the ballot in this year’s election, as well as seven community officer seats.

All positions are one-year terms.

The deadline for filing for the printed ballot was August 17th, but write-in candidates could file through Wednesday, September 13th.

At Argonaut press time Wednesday, five candidates were running for the four executive officer positions, and 19 candidates, including one write-in candidate, were running for the seven community officer positions.

Incumbent Neighborhood Council president DeDe Audet is running unopposed. Incumbent land use committee chair Challis MacPherson is running against current land use committee member Michael King.

The land use and planning committee chair and seven community officers are new positions created as a result of the Neighborhood Council bylaws passed earlier this year, said Richard Myers, Neighborhood Council election chair.

The land use chair was formerly appointed by the land use committee. Another “significant change” with the new bylaws is that land use committee members cannot serve on the Neighborhood Council, except for the committee chair, Myers said.

The seven community officers will not be required to represent any one geographic district, but can represent any constituency they choose, he said.

Of the 19 community officer candidates, Sylviane Dungan is the only incumbent.

The candidates for the four executive officer positions:

n President:

DeDe Audet

n Vice President:

Yolanda Gonzalez

n Outreach Officer:

L.J. Carusone

n Land Use and Planning Committee Chair:

Challis MacPherson

Michael P. King

n Community officer:

Luis Salazar

Matthew Dowd

Tom McComas

Raphael Gutierrez

Spike Marlin

Sylviane Dungan

Stewart Oscars

Nadine Parkos

Robert Hegyes

Darlene Knoll

Robin Murez

Ira Koslow

Regina Tuohy

Howard J. Wiggett

Eileen Pollack Erickson

Jaccoma Maultsby

Joseph D. Murphy

Rick Selan

Mike Newhouse (write-in)

Information, www.grvnc .org/election