Local representatives of the United States Postal Service are planning to seek input from local community members regarding the future of the Postal Service Alla Vista retail facility at 13031 Jefferson Blvd., Del Rey area.

The Postal Service has approved the closure of its Marina Processing and Distribution Center, 13031 Jefferson Blvd., and officials expect all facility operations to be consolidated into the Los Angeles Processing Center, 7001 S. Central Ave., Los Angeles, by Thursday, July 14th.

While the Marina Center will be closed, postal officials have said the Postal Service plans to keep open the adjacent Alla Vista retail facility at its current site to allow for continued convenience for customers.

“Ideally we want to keep it there,” Larry Dozier, spokesman for the Postal Service, said of the current Alla Vista site.

If the Postal Service is unable to maintain the current Alla Vista unit after the Marina Center closure, a retail facility will be installed in the immediate area, Dozier said.

Lareen Yamakido, Postal Service representative, and Steve Lopez, local postmaster, appeared at the Del Rey Neighborhood Council meeting Thursday, May 12th, to discuss other options if the Postal Service is unable to keep the Alla Vista facility at its current location.

Yamakido said options include a relocation of the retail facility at a 2,000 square-foot site “within a two-mile radius.” After the facility is relocated, the Postal Service may be able to move the unit back to the Jefferson Boulevard site within a three-year period, she said.

Although the Postal Service plans to keep a retail presence in the immediate area, some postal representatives are seeking public input regarding the options for the Alla Vista facility.

Until a decision is made on the location of the Alla Vista facility, Postal Service representatives want to receive comments from the public on what should be done with the facility.

Postcards with potential relocation sites for the retail facility and other information may be mailed out to community members who can offer input, she said.

The Alla Vista retail unit, which operates Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., is a popular facility that is very convenient for local customers, Lopez told the Neighborhood Council.

“A lot of people like it there,” Lopez said of the facility’s current location. “It establishes a great revenue there for the Postal Service.

“The neighborhood community loves that little post office.”

The facility is convenient because its extended hours of operation are “very friendly” for customers and the post office also provides flexibility to the surrounding area, Lopez said.

Neighborhood Council members agreed that the Alla Vista facility offers many benefits to the local community.

“A lot of us like those extended hours,” said Jane Bright, Neighborhood Council Area D director.

“I think one of the main reasons a lot of us really like that post office is because at night when you put the mail in it, believe it or not, the next day it was delivered,” said Lillian Jenkins, Neighborhood Council Area H director.

Some Neighborhood Council members asked why a retail unit is still needed in the immediate area when there are other post offices in close proximity, including 4766 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey and 215 Culver Blvd., Playa del Rey.

Yamakido said Postal Service policy requires a retail facility to be replaced when there is an existing facility.

“It seems that we have enough retail facilities in the area to service us, but I’m all for it if they want to keep it there,” Neighborhood Council President Steve Knight said.