The Venice Neighborhood Council has selected 19 projects proposed by community-based organizations and individuals to receive nearly $40,000 in Community Improvement Program funding.

Venice Neighborhood Council members said the program is unique among Neighborhood Councils in Los Angeles in that it awards city funding to projects proposed by applicants using a system of competitive reviews. Each of the city’s certified Neighborhood Councils receives $50,000 in funding annually.

The funded projects were chosen from more than 40 proposals through a process that started in January.

The Neighborhood Council’s Neighborhood Committee ranked the projects, scoring each according to criteria such as completeness, community support, benefit to the community and involvement of council stakeholders in the implementation of the project.

The council voted to approve the Neighborhood Committee’s recommendations Tuesday, June 17th. The top proposals were funded in a way to maximize the number of projects receiving support from the Neighborhood Council. The maximum award for any one project was $5,000.

The projects selected range from landscaping a section of Venice Boulevard to signs for the Venice Beach Art Walls, as well as beautification projects at schools, the community’s annual Senior Citizens Prom and sponsoring a basketball clinic for youths.

“This innovative program lets Venice organizations and individuals put L.A. City funding to work to improve their neighborhoods,” said Mike Newhouse, Neighborhood Council president. “It taps the creativity and community involvement within our local neighborhoods while we supply the funds for projects that will make Venice a better, more attractive and satisfying place to live and work.

“We were delighted by the variety and creativity of the proposals we received.”

The Venice Neighborhood Council represents approximately 35,000 Venice stakeholders, including residents, those who work or own businesses in the community, and property owners.