The Neighborhood Council of Westchester/Playa del Rey is seeking the support of Los Angeles City Council 11th District councilman-elect Bill Rosendahl in acquiring athletic fields for youths in the community.

The Neighborhood Council approved a letter at its meeting Tuesday, June 7th, that will ask Rosendahl for his support in continuing community efforts for a new youth athletic facility near St. Bernard High School in Playa del Rey.

Rosendahl will assume the City of Los Angeles 11th District City Council seat Friday, July 1st.

The Neighborhood Council encourages Rosendahl to continue efforts to gain federal approval for the use of vacant land near the high school for a new youth athletic facility.

The parcel of open land, which is east of St. Bernard High School and south of Westchester High School, is Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) property that is fenced off, said Denny Schneider, Neighborhood Council member.

The community has attempted to acquire the vacant land in the past for youth athletic purposes, but the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has said the community cannot use the land, Schneider said.

“The FAA said the airport must charge for use of the field,” he said.

The local community has received some support from local government officials such as Congresswoman Maxine Waters in the effort to acquire the land for athletic fields.

The Neighborhood Council has previously written letters on the issue and will continue to inform local government officials that it supports acquiring the land, said Gwen Vuchsas, Neighborhood Council chair.

At the June 7th meeting, the council approved the sending of the letter to Rosendahl and other local elected government officials to try to push the effort forward in getting the land for community use.

“The issue hasn’t gone away and we’re going to continue to fight,” Schneider said.