Keeping a time-honored tradition, LMU students party at the break of dawn

Photos by Mia Duncans

Early morning classes may be a drag, but Loyola Marymount University students enthusiastically toasted the St. Patrick’s Day sunrise with glasses of green beer at Brennan’s Pub in Marina del Rey.

LMU kids have been celebrating St. Patrick’s Day at Brennan’s as long as LMU kids can remember, and last Friday they were already in full party mode by our photographer’s 6:30 a.m. arrival.

The expansive Irish pub with a packed calendar of no-cover live music — known far and wide for its Thursday-evening turtle races — opened in 1972, meaning the first LMU students to drink there are now eligible to collect Social Security.

But, as they say, everything changes. The Artisanal Brewers Collective, controlled by Golden Road Brewery co-founder Tony Yanow, will soon take over as the new owners of Brennan’s Pub, according to a March 10 report by food news blog

The Argonaut was unable to reach the incoming owners, but L.A. Eater reports some good news for local barflies: Despite a short closure for renovations, Brennan’s is expected to keep its name and Irish pub vibe, but a bigger emphasis on craft beer and a new menu are in the works. No word yet on the turtle races, however.