Students at Westchester-Emerson Community Adult School could likely learn a thing or two from one of their fellow classmates, judging by her resumÈ and longevity in the arts.

Grace Godino, age 90, was a Disney artist who started in the earliest days of the company, and now takes art courses at Westchester-Emerson Community Adult School.

“I was an inker, and I was paid $10 a week for the first three months, and then I was raised to $16 per week, and I thought I was rich,” says Godino of her time at Disney.

She started with Disney in 1936 when it was Silly Symphonies and is one of only two original artists living.

“I still have the compact Walt [Disney] gave me for Christmas,” says Godino. “He gave the women compacts and the men cigarette lighters.”

Godino is also an actress and was a stand-in for Rita Hayworth. She also did voice-overs for Disney. “I was the voice of the witch in Snow White, says Godino. “I had a good cackle.”

Art courses in oil painting, printmaking, water color, the human figure, land and seascapes, art fundamentals and crafts are available for older adults at the Westchester-Emerson Community Adult School, 8810 Emerson Ave., Westchester.

Tuition is $20-$30 per semester.

Godino takes the applied art course at 1 p.m. Thursdays for both beginners and advanced learners.

Information, (310) 258-2000.